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Lorenzo Lamas

  • Actor, Television director, Film director
  • United States of America
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    Also known asLorenzo Lamas y de Santos
    Date of birth20 January 1958
    Place of birthSanta Monica
    Country of nationalityUnited States of America
    ProfessionActor, Television director, Film director
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    Lorenzo Lamas (born January 20, 1958 in Santa Monica, California) is an American actor and reality television participant. Lamas is known for playing Lance Cumson on the popular 1980s soap opera Falcon Crest, Reno Raines on the 1990s crime drama...
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    • Child
      Shayne Lamas
    • ex-Mariage
      Michele Cathy Smith
    • Wife
      Shauna Sand Lamas
    • Wife
      Kathleen Kinmont
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