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    Marc Shiman
    Marc Shiman
    Chief of Party / Project Leader
    Washington D.C. Metro
    LocationWashington D.C. Metro
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    Leadership. Innovation. Global perspective. Diversity. Results. These are the characteristics I cherish and continuously strive to improve. Whether its rebuilding the Government of Iraq, or building a new brand, I combine my work experience in 35...
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2011 - Present
    The Tatweer Project of Iraq is USAID's largest Public Administration Reform Project since the Vietnam War. This $339m project employed 320 people at its peak and is responsible for reforming 10 Iraq Government ministries, 5 executive offices, and a number of key initiatives including the National Development Plan, the administration of international oil contracts, and the reform of the Civil Service legislation. Responsible for the overall performance of the project, relationships with the GOI and the client, USAID, and the management and welfare of the expatriate and Iraqi employees.
    07/2009 - 01/2011
    Serving as Deputy Chief of Party responsible for activities on the Tatweer Karada Compound. This included managing the Training Management Systems program, all training facilities, the Iraq Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Electricity programs, and the Quality Management practice
    08/2008 - 07/2009
    Responsible for oversight of 10 ministry programs, and cross-cutting technical areas intended to reform the way the Government of Iraq does business. Programs included Health, Agriculture, Water, Engineering, Oil, and Electricity - we provided them with assistance in I/T management, strategic planning, human resources, and project management reform.
    01/2008 - 07/2008
    Provided consulting services to the United States Agency for International Development / Islamabad, Pakistan to program $3b of funds for the development of the education sector in Pakistan. Led a team of 10 education specialists to create a strategy and design projects.
    03/2007 - 02/2008
    Agility Global Partners is an international management consulting firm that provides management support to large technical projects. We specialize in establishing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and Training Management Systems. We also work with governments worldwide on quality management solutions
    06/2005 - 03/2007
    Institutional Development project for the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. We assisted in upgrading training, HR, I/T, strategic planning, and budgeting systems within the young organization. Helped the Investment Directorate achieve ISO 9000 certification
    03/1999 - 07/2005
    Subcontract to US government contractors and World Bank working in developing countries. I focus on the performance of governments, particularly as it relates to their abilities to attract foreign investment and facilitate trade. Developed the Investor Roadmap and implemented it in countries in the former USSR, Africa, and Latin America
    04/2002 - 12/2003
    Ran a trade and investment project in the Kazakhstan. Employed lawyers, economists, customs specialists and standards and metrology specialists to assist the Kazakh government to better govern local and foreign investment
    03/1999 - 03/2000
    Engaged by BAH to help establish a new practice in facilitating inward investment and to strengthen the Sub-Saharan Africa practice.
    04/1997 - 03/1999
    Managed a consulting practice to help developing nations governments establish laws and regulations designed to attract foreign direct investment
    04/1991 - 05/1994
    Posted to the Botswana Development Corporation as a Finance Officer in the Operations Division. Managed a portfolio of investments in Botswana
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  • Educational Background
    1994 - 1996

    Led a team to consult for Mercedes Benz of South Africa to provide a post-apartheid strategic plan as a practicum.

  • Professional Skills
    Quality Management, Malcolm Baldridge Awards, EFQM, ISO 9000, ISO 10015, Training, Facilitation, Human Performance Improvement, Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Facilitation, Business Development, Feasibility Studies - and rough language skills in Russian, Arabic, and Setswana
    Consulting, Organizational Design, Human Resource systems, Strategic Planning, Quality Management, Malcolm Baldridge Awards, EFQM, Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Facilitation, Business Development, Feasibility Studies - and rough language skills in Russian, Arabic, and Setswana
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