• Professional Experience
    2008 - Present
    1. Identifies training needs.
    2. Coordinates with user Department to discuss their training requirements.
    3. Prepares compiles and/or develops training material/manuals.
    4. Corresponds with the appropriate external organizers to secure courses packages offers.
    5. Reviews & screens the Department nominations for offered courses.
    6. Appraises and evaluates training effectiveness.
    7. Participates in the annual performance appraisal process.
    8. Administrates and arranges for the join of KNPC employees in the Attachment programs.
    9. Coordinates with user Departments to prepare development plans for segments of employees / profession.
    10. Keeps up to date with professional innovations, new techniques, materials, demonstrating aids etc.
    11. Designs familiarization/orientation programs for UDs and other employees from oil sector.
    12. Administrates and arranges the enrollment of KNPC employees in the Scholarship programs.
    1. Prepares and produces CD division activities Periodical reports (monthly / quarterly / annually) in coordination with CD Specialists.
    2. Provides other statistical report elated to training activities as per request.
    3. Prepares and maintains the Balance Score Card (BSC) for CD division.
    4. Handles the external training cycle.
    5. Develops guidelines for nominating participants for various courses. Coordinates with concerned Departments regarding nominated employees/courses offered for better utilization of time / manpower.
    6. Controls the external training budget
    7. Feeds the training event details in the Oracle which will update the employee’s training history record.
    8. Maintains each employee training history record in Oracle.
    9. Maintains a history file/database for the training providers/ organizers.
    10. Forwards training event certificates received from the organizer to the respective KNPC employees.
  • Educational Background
    2008 - 2009

    Ahlia University is have been invited into academic affiiations with:-1- Brunel University West London2- Georgia State University3- University of Wisconsin - River Falls4- Bahrain Institute of Technology5- European Organization for Nuclear Research6- Philadelphia University - Jordan7- EPITECH

    2004 - 2007

    Arab Open University is have been supported by the Open University in London

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  • Milestones

    Best under Development Administrator on KNPC for the year 2003.Excellent Individual Performance on KNPC for the year 2004

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