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    Michael McMahon
    Michael McMahon
    Marketing Engineer, Consultant, Start-Up Accelerator, motoaeroist
    San Francisco Bay
    Date of birth04 September 1910
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2010 - Present
    Quick Ops is an integrated marketing implementation company. Like a general contractor for marketers and agencies, we handle the marketing execution once you've set the strategy and finalized the plans. The end result is online, real-time reporting integrating data from ANY marketing channel as well as competitive data and third party information. We do your digital marketing grunt work faster, more accurately, and probably cheaper, too.
    11/2007 - Present
    moto.aero is a community of enthusiastic motorcyclists and pilots, tinkerers and travelers, gadget hounds and gearheads. The store provides members-only pricing on innovative tools and gadgets to help our members better enjoy their passions.
    01/2005 - Present
    ROI Factory is a post-click marketing engineering group. We help clients analyze marketing effectiveness, build automated marketing and CRM systems, and optimize for ROI. We have over 20 years experience with clients like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft and Sun and have analyzed over $1 billion in advertising expenditures.
    06/2004 - Present
    Aero Moto Group advises and invests in early stage companies, specifically those in the aviation, motorcycle, motorsports and technology fields.
    04/2008 - 10/2008
    vSocial is the premier platform for online, community-based promotions. vSocial's white-label solution gives marketers the ability to add social media tools such as video uploading and sharing, commenting, and rating to their promotions. The platform provides a management dashboard, reporting, and measurement tools to allow marketers complete control over every aspect of their promotions.
    10/1999 - 06/2004
    see Left Field description below
    10/1996 - 10/1999
    Founded Left Field and Exile on Seventh, full service ad agencies specializing in Marketing for a Wired World. Clients included:Amazon, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Webvan, AutoTrader, Real Networks, Sun Microsystems, Disney, Netscape, Microsoft, and eBay. Pioneered analytical approach to evaluating cross-media effectiveness and ROI, testing, and search engines. Agencies managed over $750 million from 1996 through 2004. Sold Exile on Seventh to Omnicom in June 2004.
    11/1994 - 10/1996
    A&L was the original name of what is now McCann Erickson SF and Universal McCann. I was founder and Director of both the Direct Marketing and Interactive Marketing groups to service rapidly growing Microsoft Agency of Record business, Grew each group to over 50 employees. Launched Microsoft Office 95, Windows 95, Microsoft Network (MSN) and Internet Explorer (IE).
    01/1993 - 01/1994
    Managed Compaq Computers Direct Marketing business for North America.
    01/1990 - 01/1993
    Citibank, AAA of Southern California, FHP Senior Healthcare
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  • Educational Background
    2006 - 2006

    I was one of the first 25 people to receive FAA Certification as a Light Sport Repairman with a Maintenance rating. (the 120 hour course.) I am authorized to inspect and to repair all Light Sport Airplanes, the equivalent of an I/A in General Aviation. (On paper, but nowhere close in experience!) I took the course from Rainbow Aviation and highly respect both Brian and Carol Carpenter, the owners.

    1981 - 1985

    Extra-activity: Track team

    1977 - 1981
  • Professional Skills
    Google Adwords
    Direct Marketing
    Marketing Strategy
    Social Media Marketing
    Search Advertising
    Google Analytics
    Process Development
    Web Analytics
    Media Planning
    Interactive Marketing
    Software Design
    Process Engineering
    Business Process
    Digital Strategy
    Lead Generation
    Online Marketing
    Digital Media
    Digital Marketing
    Multi-channel Marketing
    Landing Page Optimization
    Database Marketing
    Process Improvement
    Social Media
    Email Marketing
    Demand Generation
    Marketing ROI
    Sexuality Education
    Online Advertising
    ROI Accountability
    Data Analysis
    Integrated Marketing
    Software Engineering
    Conversion Optimization
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