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    Mirza Nadeem Baig
    Mirza Nadeem Baig
    C.E.O. / Chief Investment Officer at MKB Global Holdings (an Islamic Sharia'h compliant Investment company)
    United Arab Emirates
    LocationUnited Arab Emirates
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  • Professional Experience
    06/2011 - Present
    07/2008 - Present
    MKB Global Holdings established in 2008, is an investment holding company and an affiliate of the well-known MGM-Mirage Group with a low profile to public. It has diversified investment portfolio with concentration in its private equity portion to Agriculture, Technology, Precious Metals, Energy Resources, Infrastructure and Real state Sectors.
    07/2008 - 08/2011
    - Management of the overall Investment (i.e., US$ 2.6 Billion) activities of the Company, which are diversified in Financial Services & Treasury, Food & Agriculture, Commodities, Technology, Life Sciences, Energy resources, Infra Structure and Real State.- As board observer, assisted portfolio companies in strategic planning, business development and fund-raising. Review and evaluate financial reports coming from finance managers in sister companies.- Keep on tracking Investments Portfolio performance and provide financial consultations & recommend financial solutions and exit strategies for existing investments, where needed.- Identify new investment opportunities, guide analysts in preparing and evaluating feasibility studies for new projects and give recommendations regarding these projects.- Hold fund review meetings with investment committee to define/refine short and long term investment strategies contributed in all strategic decisions related to Company and Investment Portfolio.
    02/2005 - 06/2008
    - Setup, Implement and Manage the Company’s New Investment Portfolio and Company’s Retirement Schemes Portfolios worth of US$ 1.8 Billion Plus.- Managing the Investments of US$ 3.8 Billion of the Cluster Companies of British American Tobacco Group in South Asia Region (i.e., Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia).
    04/2001 - 12/2004
    - Responsible for overall management of the following Portfolios of the Bank:1) Equity Portfolio (US $) 0.5 Billion2) Money Market Portfolio (US $) 6.0 Billion3) Foreign Exchange Portfolio (US $) 1.3 Billion4) Consumer Finance portfolio (US $) 1.7 Billion5) Islamic (Window) Funds Portfolio (US $) 1.2 Billion- Took profitability contribution to 70% of PBT for Allied Bank Limited (ABL).- Set-up the Islamic Window in Treasury of the ABL and started Islamic Banking operations of ABL with 2 Corporate Branches. The Islamic Banking Operation was extended to 30 branches within 6 months across Pakistan.
    04/2001 - 12/2004
    - Responsible for overall management of the following Portfolios of the Bank:1) Equity Portfolio (US $) 50 Million2) Money Market Portfolio (US $) 4.0 Billion3) Foreign Exchange Portfolio (US $) 1.0 Billion4) Corporate Finance portfolio (US $) 800 Million5) Islamic (Window) Funds Portfolio (US $) 20 Million- Took profitability contribution to 70% of PBT for Allied Bank Limited (ABL).
    08/1998 - 01/2001
    - Management of the investments team and ultimate responsibility for the funds’ investments portfolio (US $ 10 Billion) which includes substantial holdings in the form of Public and Private Equities and other Alternative Asset classes (i.e., Commodities, Precious Metals, etc.)- Managed a team of Fund Managers managing Institutional clients’ portfolios on a discretionary basis as per stipulated investment guidelines and restrictions (including Islamic Sharia’h criteria). - Spearheading the development of mutual funds (including Sharia’h compliant funds) from concept to completion which included rigorous quantitative analysis, legal and regulatory reviews, development of Fund terms sheets / prospectus, marketing materials, training modules. - Market Making, Road Shows, etc., at international level including speaking at public events and client conferences in the GCC, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Norway as well as representing the funds to the media.
    02/1996 - 06/1998
    - Key member of the Asset Management & Treasury Division specialized in managing portfolios/funds for emerging markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Middle East etc,), managing funds in access of US $ 25 billion.- Set investment policies & asset allocation strategies and explore & source investment opportunities & deals.- Managing the portfolio team that reviewed, monitored and allocated to fund-of-funds focused mainly on a range of alternate investments’ strategies.
    01/1994 - 12/1995
    - Management of the Portfolio Investments (i.e., Equity & Debt Instruments) diversified in regional Financial Markets (i.e., Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, etc.)- Spearheaded the management of the proprietary Emerging Markets Debt/Equities portfolio including the formulation of sector and country allocation models, development & implementation of investment strategies and their execution.
    07/1992 - 12/1993
    - Member of Far East Asia, South East Asia & MENA capital markets team.- Responsible for covering the Real Estate, Transportation & Utilities sectors.- Project Evaluation & Analysis of the companies for M & A activities. - Capital & Debt restructuring for the companies.- Recommending model portfolios and asset allocation strategies for investment in the regional capital markets.
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  • Professional Skills
    Risk Management
    Treasury Management
    Commodity Markets
    Sovereign Debt
    Debt Management
    Portfolio Management
    Real Estate
    Alternative Investments
    Corporate Finance
    Precious Metals
    Private Equity
    Investment Portfolio Design
    Mutual Funds
    Asset Managment
    M&A Advisory Services
    Venture Capital
    Islamic Finance
    Capital Markets
    Hedge Funds
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