• Professional Experience
    2011 - Present
    2009 - Present
    2008 - 2008
    I work as an Interpreter in conferences, meeting, briefings and RECCE missions. Besides, my routine work includes translation of UN reports, analyses, Publications and documents, which added to my experience as a translator.I worked as an Interpreter during Military Training, Parades, Briefings, and on-site exercises.Since recruited by UNAMID as an Interpreter, I have succeeded in gaining the confidence of both my superiors and relevant parties, that I have been elected as Logistics Committee Member in Sector North.
    2006 - 2007
    During my career at Bayan, I worked as a Project Manager for major projects, leading 3 team works, 15 linguists each. As I succeeded as a manager and translator, Bayan relied on me to guide the translation team and run the translation process for long-term projects, including Bright TV, Educational Book House- Saudi Arabia, U.S Embassy-Egypt, Ministry of Finance- Egypt, Ministry of Investment- Egypt, Jumeira- Dubai, Microsoft and other clients. I was the company Point of Contact with clients to coordinate technical requirements which provided holding meetings with both clients to arrange for their customized needs and the translation team as well to manage the execution process.I participated in the translation and revision of a variety of texts, books, reports and researches, including legal, financial, political, economical, religious, technical, social, strategic and literary texts
    2005 - 2006
    1.I worked as a Negotiator/Interpreter during the meetings and conferences attended by U.S Military personnel. I was in charge of preparing conferences agenda, negotiation plan, argumentation facts and work proposals in advance, and during the meeting I have been working as interpreter/ Negotiator (in charge of managing the dialogue, running negotiation process, monitoring how the action plan was implemented.)2.I worked as an Interpreter during Military Training, Parades, Briefings, and on-site exercises.3.I was chosen as a First Class Negotiator/Interpreter by, and certified from the U.S Central Command-U.S.A.4.After my term of service in Bright Star Operations' Center has ended, I was assigned as a part time position as an Interpreter and a Technical Member in the Interpreters Recruitment Committee, Dahab- Ministry of Defense. During my term of service, I did courses on Diplomacy, negotiation, military protocol and International Code of Conduct as a training stage before assuming position.
    2003 - 2004
    Participation in the translation of a variety of researches and texts from English into Arabic and vice versa, including legal, financial, political, economical, religious, technical and literary texts.
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