• General Summary
    Mohammad Masadeh
    Mohammad Masadeh
    ESP Applications Engineer, Alkhorayef, Aramco Saudi, KSA
    Saudi Arabia
    LocalitySaudi Arabia
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  • Professional Experience
    2011 - Present
    Applications Engineer with Alkhorayef Petroleum company, sizing ESP Systems for Aramco projects, Khurais and Hawtah. follow up and provide tehnical support, troubleshooting, managing the inventory, managing the staff, coordinate with Aramco personnel to get best performance we can.
    2010 - 2011
    Working for Waha oil company projects, responsible for almost 120 new ESP systems, it was the first time for a contractor to manage the whole field from A to Z, confirm the designs, select the proper equipments, place orders and manage the inventory, manage the staff, follow up, support technical issues, improve the run life, communicate with the client (Waha's staff) to increase the run life and to eliminate the premature failures.
    2009 - 2010
    - Responsible for Managing, Planning & scheduling for all Field operations at Petrodar (PDOC) operation. - Attend the weekly meentings with the clients. - Responsible for Training and mentoring the Field Engineers and perform the traning for the client's staff. - Checking the Quality & the Quantity of the ESP consumables inventory - Boosting the service quality & QHSE among the team. - Responsible for Paper work (Tickets, Invoices .....) - full responsibilty for the 74 WSP wells, minimize the failures, improve the run life, and encourage the team work spirit among the team to improve the company performance
    2005 - 2009
    Field Service Engineer for Alkhorayef Petroleum at Kuwait Operations (Joint Operation): reporting to Supervisor.- Installation, Pullout, commissioning of JO wells- Focus Team Member, follow up and troubleshooting the problematic wells, participate in the teardown, and ESP failure analysis team.- Installing & Supervision PHDT, Smart Guard, and ZENITH Multi-sensors.- Installing & Supervision ZENITH Y-Tool "By-Pass Tubing” System.- Using Echo meter for Static Fluid Level (Fluid Shot). - installing different types of Penetrators, QCI, HSS Heads.- Dealing with different types of Down-Hole equipment, CNTL/WG/WSP/and SLB. Dealing with different types of VSD and SWB. GCS, VectorIII, Vortex, WG controllers... Assistant Field Supervisor then D/H Supervisor for Alkhorayef at Kuwait Operation (JO): Reporting to OM - Responsible for Managing, Planning & scheduling for the Down-Hole Field operations. - Responsible for Training and mentoring the Field Engineers. - Supervision ESP completion system. - Responsible for Field Paper work (Tickets, Invoices, and Inst. & Pull reports. monthly and yearly presentations, failure analysis reports.....) - Checking the Quality & the Quantity of the ESP consumables inventory
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  • Educational Background
    2008 - 2008

    Extra-activity: Advanced ESP Course

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