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    Muhamad Setiawan
    Muhamad Setiawan
    Sales Consultant at FORD Motor Indonesia
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    2013 - Present
    2011 - Present
    2011 - Present
    Atreus Global is an Global Company which is specificly as a Consulting Company . Atreus Global have responsibilities to provides the Consultant's whom working on IT or SAP project . Atreus Global also always assist the big Company in many Industry to find the Resources for Client project . My responsibilities are find the right Candidate or Consultant for the Client project . And also give the service for the Consultant whom already join into the Client project .
    2010 - 2011
    Visionic Barutama or normally called Visionic is an Company which is be active in Telecomunication and Electronic . Visionic Barutama have many branch which spread in Tangerang area . Visionic Barutama provides the many items such as handphone, gadget and also accessoris for handphone and gadget . Visionic Barutama also helpful for Handphone service especially Blackberry and Nokia . My responsibilities are sale the items in the outlet to Customer . Give the service for the Customer whom want to buy Handphone or Gadget . And also fix the Blackbery which have a problem about hardware .
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