• Professional Experience
    2008 - Present
    Specialty: China.
    2005 - Present
    After the death of our son, Augie Schroeder in Iraq, my wife, Rosemary Palmer and I founded this non-profit organization devoted to bringing a quick end to the U.S. military involvement in Iraq. We have more than 1,700 members nationwide.
    1995 - 2005
    Founded and operated this trading company focused on assisting American comapnies doing business in the People's Repupblic of China. Also conducted trade of special and rare gases on our own account. Sales were conducted in China, India, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.
    1988 - 1993
    Managed programs involving education, law and economic issues and later the Committee's Corporate Program.
    1986 - 1988
    Opened and operated Ohio's first trade office inthe People's Republic of China based in Wuhan.
    1975 - 1981
    Founded and operated syndicated news service covering state goverrnment for Ohio daily and weekly newspapers.
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  • Educational Background
    1981 - 1987

    Specialty comparative politics/China and international relations.

    1976 - 1981

    Dual program in American and Chinese politics.

    1971 - 1972

    Focus on international journalism.

    1967 - 1971

    Minors in chemistry and history.

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  • Professional Skills
    China, Southeast Asia, and national security issues.
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