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    Motivated, success oriented professional in manufacturing operations for multiple industries – Aircraft/Aerospace Technology, Biopharm Equipment, Microsystems, Military/Government, Semiconductor Equipment and Semiconductor Fab Operations....
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  • Professional Experience
    2003 - 2007
    Part of the transition team that took the company from ATMI to IR.
    Responsible for Wafer Fabrication Operation for the Arizona division of this $1 billion semiconductor manufacturer. Managed Production Epitaxial Operations, Equipment Maintenance, Metrology Equipment and Quartz Repair
    2003 - 2004
    Managed Production Epitaxial Operations, Equipment Maintenance, Metrology Equipment and Quartz Repair
    2001 - 2003
    Responsible for all thermal and freeze-dryer equipment manufacturing, which supply biopharm, semiconductor and OEM customers. Main areas of focus are implementation of lean manufacturing method, training and ISO9000.
    1994 - 2001
    Responsible for both semiconductor equipment (CMP) and component spares manufacturing departments. Including all personnel actions, resource planning, budget control, processes/procedures and for organizational development activities. Ensuring that all roadblocks are removed and tat proper tools/resource are available.
    1989 - 1994
    Responsible for planning resources, assigning job tasks, budgets, performance and delivery schedule. Ran production lines for the Aft fuselage, Cargo Door and Main Landing Gear/POD structure composite panels installations. Handled aircraft integration areas from major join all the way through ramp and first flight-testing.
    Worked on a methods improvement that set-up build sequences, documentation restructuring and time study analysis. Analyzed engineering parts and designed improvement methods for the ease of production and cost savings. Revised assembly build packages for better process flow and sequencing.
    Responsible for Wafer Fabrication Operation for the Phoenix division of this $100 million semiconductor manufacturer. Managed all Final wafer manufacturing from Acid etch through polishing then all final inspection processing and packaging.
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  • Professional Skills
    Lean Manufacturing Specialist
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