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    Sales Engineer
    Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
    LocalityGreater Jakarta, Indonesia
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    2011 - Present
    PT. TRASTI SUPPLIER merupakan salah satu perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang pompa, dan merupakan agen tunggal dari beberapa pompa proses dan produksi untuk industry. Dalam hal ini kami juga memberikan suatu pelayanan jasa service, konsultan, dan pembuatan sebuah sistem yang digunakan diindustri ataupun project.Produk pompa - pompa yang kami miliki :A. Centrifugal Pump:-GRISWOLD Pump( ex. Amerika ): Full Open Impeller Pump-New VERGANIO Pump( ex. Indonesia ): Monoblock Pump-VANTON Pump( ex. Amerika ): Thermoplastic Pump-HANS Pump( ex. Indonesia): Full Open Impeller Pump-CENTROFLO Pump( ex. Inggris ): CCS Series Stainless Stell Pump Type Monoblock-CENTROFLO Pump( ex. Inggris ): Full Open Impeller and Semi Open Impeller-PRIME MASTER Pump( ex. Inggris ): Plactic Pump for Chemichal Handling-DELFIN Pump( ex. Inggris ): Self Priming – Solid Handling and Trush Pump-FTI Pump( ex. Amerika ): Magnetic Drive Pump-JET Pompe( ex. Italy ): Multistage Pump and Summersible PumpB. Dosing Pump:-PCM Pump( ex. Prancis ): Plungger and Membran TechnologyC. Gear Pump:-VIKING Pump( ex. Amerika ): Internal Gear Pump-AP Pump( ex. Amerika ): Eksternal Gear Pump-Green Global Pump( ex. Indonesia ): Internal Gear PumpD. Vane Pump:-MOUVEX Pump( ex. Prancis ): Vane PumpE. Screw Pump:-PCM Pump( ex. Prancis ): Sanitary Screw and Standart Screw Pump-NETZSCH Pump( ex. Jerman ): Standart Screw Pump-REDSCREW Pump( ex. Amerika ): Twin Screw PumpF. Air Operated Diaphragm ( AOD Pump ):-PRICE Pump( ex. Amerika ): Air Operated Diaphragm Pump-BLAGDON Pump( ex. Inggris ): Air Operated Diaphragm PumpG. Eccentric Disc Pump:-MOUVEX Pump( ex. Prancis ): Eccentric Disc Pump Free Mechanical SealH. Lobe Pump:-SSP Pump( ex. Prancis ): Rotary Lobe Pump
    2010 - 2011
    Project installation on cranes, and the emergency team
    2010 - 2010
    Maintenance, repair, and installation of electrical equipment
    2007 - 2010
    Maintenance, repair, and installation of electrical equipment
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