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    With over 20 years of international experience in the Information Technology industry, I have lead highly successful organizations with a balance of strategy definition and operational execution. I have overseen the recruitment and development of...
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    2011 - Present
    2008 - 2010
    Rosa Garcia was the Vice President of Microsoft's Consumer & Online (C&O) organization for Western Europe. C&O is responsible for Microsoft's global display and search advertising sales and all the marketing strategy and execution across the Company's consumer products including Windows, Windows phone, MSN, Windows Live, and Bing. C&O in Western Europe has more than 500 professionals in 14 countries; and delivers more than 2 Billion US Dollars in revenue.Notable accomplishmentsWindows 7, Windows Live and Windows Phone 7 launches with excellent sales and marketing results. Built online properties to where they now hold 18% market share of the online time spent on the Internet. Managed the integration of multiple online advertising companies that were acquired by Microsoft. Ms. Garcia was able to decrease the employees working for the team by 31% while still increasing the online advertising sales market share to 20%.Signed agreements with the main Telco companies, hardware manufactures and large software distributors.
    2002 - 2008
    Ms. Garcia spent six years as the president and chief executive officer of Microsoft's third-largest subsidiary in Western Europe: Microsoft Spain. She managed a team of more than 750 professionals and generated annual revenue close to 700 Million Euros. Her main accomplishments include:The subsidiary more than tripled the annual revenue in the period Ms. Garcia was managing the business and only doubled the number of employees improving productivity greatly.Improved Microsoft's image in the country. Microsoft received excellent PR coverage and helped in the development of the Information Society in Spain signing agreements with the Central and Local governments and universities. The Spanish subsidiary has been recognized with numerous awards. Best Places to Work named Microsoft Ibérica "Spanish Best Company to Work" in 2007 and 2008. Ms. Garcia also brought customer & partner satisfaction to a record high in 2007 increasing by 40% the satisfaction ratio.
    2000 - 2002
    As head of the Worldwide Partner Group, Ms. Garcia directed the Microsoft's worldwide strategy for the diverse ecosystem of more than 640,000 independently owned-and-operated partner companies that support Microsoft and its customers in 170 countries. Notable accomplishments include:Redesign of Microsoft Solution Providers program and implementation of partner segmentation by customer size, technical knowledge and solution portfolio. Customize the training and compensation structure by type of partners. Implement the IT solutions to manage the program worldwide.Annual worldwide partner meeting with more than 5,000 partners attending per year.
    1996 - 2000
    In 1996 she moved to the company's headquarters in Redmond, United States, to work directly with the current CEO and President, Steve Ballmer, as Director of Corporate Strategic Projects. During that time, she focused on the future of technologies, designing the Microsoft strategy worldwide and working with the different regional divisions to implement the company's plans. Her main accomplishments were: Development and Worldwide implementation of the Microsoft Enterprise Strategy (to become WW leaders in this segment of the market). This included product, competition, distribution, sales and services strategies too for the Enterprise. This also included the human resources plan and compensation. The way Microsoft measured and controlled the business was changed too.Coordinated the development of the new mission and values for the company and the succession plan for the top executives.
    1991 - 1996
    Ms. Garcia´s career at Microsoft begun in 1991. She was director of the Spanish Technical Support Team. They provided phone support for every consumer and business customers encountering technical difficulties while using Microsoft products.
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