• Biography
    Director/Senior Manager with extensive global experience in all aspects of strategy consulting, business development, product management and marketing (consumer & technology). Direct experience with corporate startup strategy, Fortune 500...
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  • Professional Experience
    2013 - Present
    Lead a global organization for the development and launch of global business transformation consulting and strategy. Responsible for outcome based annuity engagement models and best practices that help ISVs and captive units manage mature product lines, improve quality, reduce time to market and enhance profitability ensuring their focus is on Innovation. Drive and develop core expertise in various components of the product development lifecycle such as strategy and design consulting, UI expertise, commercial software development, product Ideation, extensive cloud strategies that ensure seamless multi-platform delivery of customer solutions and applications.
    2011 - Present
    Leader for developing and managing a global consulting practice for top 100 customer engagements through active participation in pre-sales and sales, customer solution design, implementation and solution support to include customer/partner relationship management. P&L leadership experience for a global consulting and sales environment, including experience in business development, overall global resource management and senior organizational leadership.
    2007 - Present
    Worldwide Lead for the strategic product marketing and planning, including project planning & strategy development for new market initiatives within the Enterprise and Mission Critical business applications.
    2005 - Present
    Lead for merger and acquisition integration activities for newly acquired companies. Managed license, IT integration and business activies including product marketing and planning, including project planning & strategy development for new market initiatives.
    2002 - 2005
    2001 - 2002
    1982 - 1989
    Airborne special ops specializing in NBC warfare
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  • Professional Skills
    Global Management Consulting (strategy and business development); Product Management; Global Marketing (consumer & technology); Project Management (Functional and Technical); Change Integration; Organizational Development and TransformationCompanies: Microsoft, Pfizer, Accenture; Andersen; Cambridge Technology Partners; GOwarehouse; Calence
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