• Professional Experience
    2005 - Present
    Y.M.O. Enterprises LLC. strives on delivering only the highest quality of music entertainment to a worldwide audience. With great personal success in The City of New Orleans Sir Earl Toon brings his unparalleled caliber of song writing, performance, and production to the North Texas region to establish a rebirth of his company. Sir Earl can now be seen with an entourage of young musical pioneers by his side trailblazing the Texas landscape with a purpose of artistic integrity combined with an eye and ear for the cutting-edge. After countless hours of relationship building, business trips, meetings, studio time and artistic development, Y.M.O. Enterprises LLC. is in a great position to capitalize on all of its’ efforts and showcase their talents on a global stage. Contact Sir Earl Toon ~
    1979 - 2011
    Wrote and performed timeless classics such as "Celebration", "Ladies Night", "Too Hot", "Get Down On It", and many others with world-renowned Band/Group ~ Kool & The Gang. Sir Earl Toon helped lead the way to their most successful musical accomplishment ever within the production of "Celebrate". With this album came a "new consumer awareness, and added yet another dimension to their profile".
    2008 - 2009
    Songs From The Soul Of Service is a free songwriting contest presented by the Dallas Songwriters Association in support of the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s America Supports You program. This free contest is open exclusively to amateur songwriters currently serving in the US military and those currently inactive due to injury or disability suffered after the start of the war in Afghanistan, and there is a special focus on personnel serving in Afgahanistan or Iraq. Participants may also submit songs on behalf of an immediate family member, a fallen comrade, or a fallen comrade's immediate family member.
    2007 - 2007
    DSA is a non-profit educational organization which has been around for over 17 years with one purpose: to help the songwriter. We are governed by a board of directors who represent the membership. We hope you will browse our site for educational information concerning the business and craft of songwriting. Then if you like what you see, we hope you will become a member.
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