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Slav Marin / Вячеслав Марьин

  • Director at City Corporate
  • Guildhall University
  • London, United Kingdom
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  • Professional Experience

    2006 - Present
    United Gold PLC a gold exploration company
    2001 - Present
    2006 - 2012
    United Gold PLC a gold exploration company
    2006 - 2011
    Some of my former clients:• “OTKRUTIE” Financial Corporation / ФК “ОТКРЫТИЕ” •Canalaska •Forum Uranium Corporation PLC•Strateco Resources PLC •KORES Korean Resource Corporation •Victoria Oil&Gas PLC •POLUS / ПОЛЮС Ресурс •Copperbelt AG •Coal Ministry of Ukraine •GolderElectronics / Vitec•Bank “Kedr” / «Кедр банк» • Bureaucrat / Бюрократ •Тальятихимбанк•MetroGold•MegaUranium
    1999 - 2001
    1992 - 1997
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  • Professional Skills

    Property Development
    Corporate Finance
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