• General Summary
    Susan Shaw
    Susan Shaw
    Also known asPatsy Sloots
    Date of birth29 August 1929
    Place of birthWest Norwood
    Country of nationalityEngland, United Kingdom
    EthnicityEnglish people, English
    ProfessionActor, Nude Glamour Model, Model
    Date of death27 November 1978
    Cause of deathCirrhosis
    Place of deathMiddlesex
    Place of cremationGolders Green Crematorium
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      • Robert Powell
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  • Biography
    Susan Shaw is an actress.
    Source : Wikipedia
  • Related People
    • ex-Husband
      Albert Lieven
    • ex-Husband
      Bonar Colleano
    • Son
      Mark Colleano
    • ex-Husband
      Ronald Rowson
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