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    Teresa Teng
    Teresa Teng
    Also known asTeresa Ten, ??????, Teresa Tang, µËÀö¾ý, ¾HÄR§g, Deng Li Jun, ???, ?????, ??ng L? Quân, ???, Đặng Lệ Quân, ???, Teng Li-yun, µËÀ¾, Teng, Teresa, ¾HÄR§g, Teresa Deng, Deng Lijun, Teng Lee-chun
    Date of birth29 January 1953
    Place of birthBaozhong, Yunlin
    Country of nationalityTaiwan
    EthnicityTaiwanese people
    Date of death08 May 1995
    Cause of deathAsthma
    Place of deathChiang Mai
    Place of burialChin Pao San
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  • Biography
    Teresa Teng was a Taiwanese pop singer. Teng's voice and songs are instantly recognized throughout East Asia and in areas with large Asian populations. It is often said, "Wherever there are Chinese people, the songs of Teresa Teng can be heard."...
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