• General Summary
    Tiko Campbell
    Tiko Campbell
    Also known asT.F. Campbell, Tiko Frederick Campbell
    Date of birth1947
    Country of nationalityUnited States of America
    EthnicityAfrican American
    ProfessionWriter, Architect
  • Tags
      • Renzo Piano
      • Rem Koolhaas
      • MVRDV
      • Vicente Guallart
      • William Hurt
      • Tom Robbins
      • Don Rich
      • Patch Adams

  • Biography
    Tiko Frederick Campbell is an architect in the Washington, DC area. He is the ex-husband of the late author Bebe Moore Campbell and father of actress Maia Campbell. He is also the author of adventure/sci-fi novel The Light in the Stones: ...from...
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  • Related People
    • Wife
      Bebe Moore Campbell
    • Daughter
      Maia Campbell
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