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    Vince Vaughn
    Vince Vaughn
    Also known asVincent Anthony "Vince" Vaughn, Mr Sunshine, Vincent Anthony Vaughn, Vincent Vaughn
    Date of birth28 March 1970
    Place of birthMinneapolis
    Country of nationalityUnited States of America
    EthnicityIrish American, German American, Lebanese American, Italian American, English American, Canadian-American
    ProfessionComedian, Television Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer
    ReligionCatholicism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism
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  • Biography
    Vincent Anthony "Vince" Vaughn is an American film actor, screenwriter, producer, comedian and activist. He began acting in the late 1980s, appearing in minor television roles before attaining wider recognition with the 1996 movie Swingers. He has...
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    • Sister
      Valeri Vaughn
    • Sister
      Victoria Vaughn
    • Father
      Vernon Vaughn
    • Mother
      Sharon Eileen...
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