• General Summary
    Walter Fromm
    Walter Fromm
    Manager at National Grid
    Greater Boston
    LocalityGreater Boston
  • Contact Information
  • Biography
    -Currently manage National Grid's Asset Replacement Group consisting of twenty one (21) Engineers, Designers and Contractors whose primary function is to manage the process associated with the replacement of the Company's natural gas facilities in...
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  • Professional Experience
    2005 - 2009
    -Project Engineering & Design Manager. My group's primary objective was to provide engineering, design and project management services to the Gas Business unit in New England-Lead a staff of twenty one (21) Project Engineers and Union AutoCad Technicians in New England
    2000 - 2005
    -Project Manager on a variety of complex natural gas engineering and construction projects-Responsible for the overall project management for the project. Project management tasks included: Select, hire & manage outside consulting engineering firms; design oversight; regulatory approvals; environmental permitting / license development; negotiations with property owners for easements; coordination with local, state & federal agencies; presentations at public hearings; development of final design plans and contract specifications for bidding to contractors; cost estimating; contractor selection; contract negotiation; material specification & procurement; and overall management of project budget and expenses
    1999 - 2000
    -Supervised the Planning Engineers with their overall day-to-day responsibilities, which included: emergency response; development and implementation of the gas main replacement programs; special projects and preparation of various distribution system operating procedures (system upratings, shutdowns, etc.)
    1995 - 1999
    -Design of new storm drainage facilities for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission-Design of utility relocations for MHD's Central Artery / Tunnel project-Environmental Assessment / Final Environmental Impact Report development for MHD's Route 3 Expansion project (Rt. 128 to NH border)
    1992 - 1995
    -Engineering, design and environmental permitting associated with the construction of new and replacement water, sewer and drainage facilities in Boston
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  • Professional Skills
    Engineering management, cost management, utility engineering, design, project planning, goal setting, project management, problem solving, government liaison, environmental permitting, public speaking, presentations and expert witness testimony.
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