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  • Biography
    Created the model of the Human Thought Process© and Adaptive Artificial Intelligence© as the basis for the future of all computing and cpu/MPU driven applications such as Factory Automation, Automotive and Wearable Computing, Etc. Created Growth...
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  • Professional Experience
    11/2005 - Present
    We are in a new JV with the world's largest energy company. We have access to a portfolio of tested, complimentary technologies that will shift the industry. I personally own some of the technologies.
    N/A - Present
    01/1988 - 01/1990
    DLB and Broadcast Partners LTD. predated Clear Channel.
    01/1980 - 01/1982
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  • Educational Background
    1980 - 1982

    DJ at student radio station

    Extra-activity: yearbook, Sub-T-16, Art Club

  • Professional Skills
    Deming Model Corporations,Growth Incentive Marketing©,Audio, Video Engineering & Electronics
    Broadcast,Telecom,Internet,Computers and Communication, Foreign Manufacturing and Trade resources, Outsourcing resources and partners
    Solutions Engineering,Marketing & Product Development, Software and Hardware Systems and Design, Transportation and Utility Transit; Water systems; Affordable Housing; Energy and Alternative Energy Systems, Ontologically Designed Systems; Human Thought Process©
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  • Milestones

    Created the model of the Human Thought Process© and Adaptive Artificial Intelligence© as the basis for the future of all computing and cpu/MPU driven applications Created Growth Incentive Marketing© and the TeamV marketing and currency domociliation system from his years of experiential research and designed both as rapid growth marketing systems with permanent base structures. Solutions and Human Systems engineer and primary inventor and architect of the businesses, systems and processes of 4EComm and Cementos Universos.Top of EEMT class at TRW in 1985, Mr. Victory was employed at Texas Instrument’s TICAC division at the time of TI99/4A, one of the first Personal Computers and was directly involved with the first manufacturer sponsored computer education in history.
    joined with Carl E Lewis in 1987 and they founded the Pleaides Brain Trust.

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