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    Yves Courtois, CFA, CMT
    Yves Courtois, CFA, CMT
    Co-Head at KPMG's Global Valuation Institute
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    2010 - Present
    Global valuation think tank.GVI has the objective to bridge academic research with practice excellence
    1996 - Present
    Corporate Finance Partner with 12 years of experience within the KPMG Corporate Finance network advising European, American, Middle East, African and Asian Firms. Private Equity Head at KPMG Luxembourg. Work experience in Luxembourg and in the United States. Head of corporate finance, valuation and alternative investment advisory. Other key areas of expertise include M&A, financing, fund raising, due diligence, financial risk management and structuring. Main industries covered comprise financial services firms, industrial companies, high-tech, private equity, real estate and hedge funds. Lead a team of 10 professionals. Author and co-author of several publications and webcasts on corporate valuation, private equity valuation, cost of capital. Trusted advisor to the CFA Institute in relation to curriculum development and continuing education. Accredited valuer and member of the Global Valuation Committee in the KPMG Global Corporate Finance network.
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