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    Zakir Naik
    Zakir Naik
    Also known asDr. Zakir Naik
    Date of birth18 October 1965
    Place of birthMumbai
    Country of nationalityIndia, United Kingdom
    EthnicityKonkani people
    ProfessionPreacher, Physician, Entrepreneur
    ReligionIslam, Sunni Islam, Ahl al-Hadith, Salafi movement
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      • Rashid Rida
      • Ali Shariati
      • Al-Kindī
      • Murray Rothbard
      • Nikolai Amosov
      • Plato
      • René Descartes

  • Biography
    Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is an Indian public speaker on the subject of Islam and comparative religion. He is the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation, a non-profit organisation that owns the Peace TV channel based in Dubai, UAE....
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    • Wife
      Farhat Naik
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