• General Summary
    Zhang Zeduan
    Zhang Zeduan
    Date of birth1085
    Country of nationalityChina
    ProfessionArtist, Painter
    Date of death1145
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      • Shao Yong
      • Song Ci
      • Yang Hui
      • Guo Xi
      • Li Cheng
      • Zhao Mengfu
      • Qiu Ying
      • Tang Yin

  • Biography
    Zhang Zeduan, alias Zheng Dao, also sometimes translated as Zhang Zerui, was a famous Chinese painter of the Song Dynasty. He lived during the transitional period from the Northern Song to the Southern Song, and was instrumental in the early...
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      張擇端清明上河圖数字版 Zhang Zeduan QINGMING-ROLLE von Animation.VOB
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      Dialogue·paiting Qingming Roll from Song Dynasty...
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