• Professional Experience
    2007 - Present
    Large scale implementation of enterprise wide financial transactions system (payments, collections & reporting) for public taxation.
    2002 - 2005
    . Senior Adviser to energy traders on application of technological innovation in the de-regulated energy market. . Managing operational support team for energy and commodities trading business for the largest energy company in The Netherlands.
    1999 - 2002
    - Managed organization and billing operations support systems for products with annual turnover of over 10 million Euros.
    1997 - 1999
    - Implemented new Client/Server Customer Care and Billing System to replace mainframe application for a large mobile communications (GSM) network with over one million subscribers.
    1992 - 1996
    - Managed systems portfolio and implementation of various applications for Environmental Assessment, Geophysics and Engineering Design.- Developed of business vision and IT plan.
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