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    Grace Kasprzak
    Grace Kasprzak
    Certified Identity Protection Advisor at Identity Theft Shield
    Philadelphie Et Périphérie, États-Unis
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    LocationPhiladelphie et périphérie, États-Unis
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    Top-producing polished passionate sales professional with an internal compass that supports the betterment of the customer and the company; internet marketer with proven success increasing market share and company awareness; risk taker, proven...
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    02/2013 - Present
    Certified Identity Theft Prevention and Protection ConsultantThe facts: Identity Theft was the #1 Consumer Complaint Last Year per the FTC, every 3 seconds someone's identity is stolen, in the past 10 years court filings are double. Do you have the time and money to get your credit repaired and restored? It has taken victims hours, days, month and attorney's fees...... Can you afford to have your employees out work and not focused for this time? Individuals can you afford to loose so much? All this can be prevented if employees/people where more aware of different types of identity theft and how to avoid it. Therefore, I provide a unique service going into companies and train their employees on what to look for, how to best prevent it and give them the option to get Identity Theft for themselves and their families. "It is no longer a question if your identity will be stolen, the only unknown is when it will happen. The time to prepare is now. The same goes for companies and government agencies that collect company data of employees and consumers. Identify theft costed companies over $8 billion last year and was the number one complaint received by the FTC. More shocking is that children's identity is twice as likely to be stolen. It is not a trend, it is an epidemic of epic proportions." - abcnews.go.com, "12.6 Million Reasons Why Idenity Theft Will be Stolen" by Adam Levin
    06/2009 - Present
    Developed both a physical and internet-based marketing plan for the promotion of products and services to increase brand exposure for one of the leading professional speakers. Increased brand exposure through select partnerships, television appearances, and networking opportunities. Successfully increased market share and subscriber base to promote new product opportunities by 25%.Built and managed client schedules and participated in client start up meeting. Maintained clear, concise and logically constructed written and verbal interactions with clients and internal team. Provided overall strategic direction and analysis of all account activity to ensure programs met and exceeded Gail Kasper's overall strategic direction. Assisted in identifying and creating marketing opportunities in an accurate and timeliness program of execution.
    04/2009 - Present
    11/2009 - 02/2013
    Helping individuals reduce or eliminate medications if struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc and weight management. It is truly an awesome program for all age groups.Working with the Take Shape For Life team was an excellent learning experience on how to help individuals become healthy and make lifestyle changes.
    08/2010 - 04/2012
    Promotion and sales of a communication and software program to Veterinarians and hospital systems, welcoming the challenge to cultivate new business opportunities in unmarked territories via trade shows, seminars, telephone and webinars. Relationships include Practice Owners, Practice Managers, Veterinarians, Partner Relationships (Pharmaceutical's: Merial, Novartis, Pfizer and distributors in Animal Health). Training staff and selling additional products to increase compliance and maintain retention.
    06/2008 - 12/2010
    01/2008 - 06/2008
    In an extremely depressed market and dormant territory, ramped it up in only four months, achieving a record high of $4M.
    10/2007 - 01/2008
    Account Executive
    01/2000 - 01/2007
    Increased new account base from 3 accounts to over 100 accounts, consistently produced up to $5M in revenues. Maintained a closing ratio of 60-65% throughout tenureDedicated customer service professional, able to maintain nearly 100% of customer loyalty.Proficient in problem solving and structuring loans to meet customer's needs and increase revenues.
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