• General Summary
    Abbas Jan
    Abbas Jan
    GM Marketing at Naveena Exports Ltd.
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Place of birthKarachi, Pakistan
    LocationKarachi, Pakistan
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  • Professional Experience
    03/2006 - Present
    Head USA Division.Ensure monthly / annual sales targets are met.Negotiating prices with the customers.Negotiating deliveries with customers.Building strong customer relationship through openness and excellent customer service.Making sure all commitments made to the customers are honored. Forecasting sales on monthly/seasonal/annual basis.Aligning raw material based on forecasts.Interacting with customers on regular basis for the order position, future outlooks, upcoming trends, new requirements and other details.Following up with garment vendors for all the necessary details for smooth flow of goods.Building strong business relationship with all garment vendors working for our end customers.Making sure our garment vendors/customers make payments on time and no payment gets stuck. Conducting regular planning meetings with production and logistics department to ensure smooth movement of shipments.Troubleshooting problems in a timely and professional manner and making sure customers are highly satisfied.Deal with all major international brandsSupervise new collections for different markets based on the upcoming trends and price points for future orders.Actively involved in overall R&D for the mill.Continuously monitoring the market for upcoming trends. Involved in formulating overall strategy for the denim mill.
    07/2002 - 02/2006
    Was responsible for the production planning of garment unit.Helped them in reducing cost through less wastages and greater worker efficiency.Dealt with customers/ agents directly.Head the compliance team for one year Acted as a bridge between the merchandising and production department and passed the information at each level.
  • Educational Background
    N/A - 2009
    1998 - 2002
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