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    Alain R. Guernier
    Alain R. Guernier
    Executive Director Abelint International hospitality Management
    United Arab Emirates
    LocationUnited Arab Emirates
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    Highly experienced hotel executive with strong mentoring skills and extensive knowledge of marketing, property development, product and brand definitions and operational background.
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    05/2008 - Present
    Independant group providing hospitality management
    04/2007 - 04/2008
    This brand new hospitality management group is owned by one of the largest and diversified conglomerates in Dubai.Was invited by the Founder and Executive Director of the Group to head this new division and set up the vision and brand identity and develop the company in the Mena region through acquisition, management contract, equity participation, or outright purchase.Currently four properties are under development in the UAE. In addition, another 10 hotels are planned for the next three years. Hotels will be operating under Shariah Compliance (meaning no alcohol to be served and only Halal food will be provided
    11/2006 - 03/2007
    Pre-Opening Task ForceThe Monarch Hotel DubaiActing as Consultant Advisor for the owning company from Kuwait. Was tasked with setting up all pre-opening procedures and setting up a brand new concept in luxury hospitality. My assignement was to set up all operating standards and select and train all the executives into the developed concept Exclusive property under construction, aiming at becoming one of the most sought after property in Dubai. Special emphasis created on service delivery, food & beverage concept and brand positioning.
    01/2001 - 09/2006
    TSA is a leading Skills & Training Company, which specializes in revenue generating training programs for the hospitality industry.Operating in more than 45 countries, TSA's long-standing reputation for training programs has created a loyal clientele of more than 800 properties, as well as regional and international hotel chains in Asia-Pacific, North- Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.Over the past five years TSA's financial turn-over has increased by more than 300%.My primary responsibility was to develop new markets and increase TSA share in each of the country we are currently operating in.
    01/1995 - 12/2000
    New management group created to provide independant investors and owners an alternative to the larger hotel chains
    01/1991 - 09/1994
    In 1991, was involved with various other investors to become a joint partner to set up a new hotel management company, namely Allson International Hotels & Resorts. Besides being a shareholder and a director of the company, my primary responsibility was setting up the company's corporate structure and the development of all corporate collateral. I was then appointed as Senior Vice- President to focus on operational and marketing ideas of our existing four (4) properties, the setting up of all pre-opening procedures as well as implementation of all corporate policies and procedures, in order to ensure continuous success in each of our hotels. I was also very much involved with the development side of the group by researching, negotiating, and identifying potential owners of existing properties.While assuming corporate responsibilities, I was also assigned as General Manager of the newly opened Renaissance Hotel Kowloon now known as The Langham Hotel Allson International Hotels & Resorts was managing four (4) properties, namely Renaissance Hong Kong, Allson Klana Malaysia ,Allson Koh Samui,Allson Singapore
    10/1989 - 09/1994
    Brand new property and the flagship of Renaissance hotel in Asia . Managed the property successfully and assist our management group , namely Allson International in securing other projects
    01/1986 - 10/1989
    Was hired by Wharf Holdings Ltd. (2nd largest property developer in Hong Kong, with extensive holdings in hotels, transportation and retail), to set up a new hotel management company; primarily to operate our existing portfolio of hotels and secondarily to formulate plans for the board involving further expansion. Directly responsible for the marketing direction of the group which included: new corporate identitynew advertising campaigncentralized sales and marketing functions implementation of sales strategiesproduct improvementrenovation programs and upgrading of facilitiesmarket feasibility studyOver three and a half years, the average room rate increased by slightly more than 100% without any loss in occupancy. The implementation of aggressive sales techniques combined with a deep knowledge of the travel market and competitors' strengths and weaknesses resulted in very high financial results for the group.In 1988, the parent company bought the Omni Group from the U.S.A. after a decision on merging the 2 groups was made, I was responsible for implementing the new corporate identity and developing a new advertising campaign to reflect more strongly our new look and corporate philosophy. This project was achieved within four (4) months and showed very positive results.In 1988, the hotel division won the Chairman Award for Outstanding Marketing and Financial Achievement.In 1989, Omni Hotels Asia-Pacific won the Certificate of Excellence in the Trade Publishers Annual Survey
    01/1983 - 12/1985
    Duties involved responsibility for the sales activities of 28 hotels. Reporting directly to the Vice-President of Marketing, my key activities included negotiating and contracting business for Asia Pacific Hotels; Management, and control of Sales Executives; the design and implementation of sales programs for the regional officer or individual hotel, marketing plan, advertising campaign, budget and forecast for each property was also part of my responsibility.During my assignment, an outstanding improvement in the regional occupancy room rates was recorded. Moreover, the securing of major wholesalers contracts as well as clearly defined strategies was instrumental in increasing the awareness and the positioning
    01/1981 - 01/1983
    Duties involved responsibility for the day to day operation of the property with all department heads reporting to me except the Financial Controller and the Chief Engineer. My additional duties included the setting up of hotel policies and implementation of sales and food and beverage programs. I had direct involvement with Sales and Rooms Division activities. The General Manager had also regional responsibility hence, during his absence I was in charge of the hotel's daily operations.
    01/1979 - 01/1981
    Regional F&B In charge of new hotelsDuties involved the responsibility for the total operations of the food and beverage department which includes three (3) restaurants, one (1) bar, banquet facilities up to 1,500 pax, room service and three (3) delicatessens shops located inside the hotel.My objectives were to increase turnover and achieve higher departmental profits. With the support of a very strong team, both objectives were achieved in a short period of time. Introduction of new concepts, better marketing of the product, continuous sales training and innovative promotions were all part of our success.During the last 6 months of my assignment, the department profit exceeded 36%.In 1980, I was elected by the hotel staff as Manager of the Year.
    09/1978 - 09/1979
    Duties involved responsibility for Food & Beverage, Front Office, Housekeeping, Sales, and Engineering Departments. Worked very closely with the General Manager, was trained for the day when I would become General Manager; Was acting General Manager during the interim four (4) months pending the arrival of the new General Manager.
    09/1977 - 09/1978
    Duties involved control of the whole food & beverage operations which included three (3) restaurants, one (1) bar, one (1) discotheque, one (1) cake shop, room service, and the largest banquet facilities in Pattaya. Responsible for re-positioning of some of our outlets; departmental profit increased from 19% to 28% within a year, turnover increased by 27%.
    01/1976 - 09/1977
    Duties involved control of all Food & Beverage outlets which included three (3) restaurants, two (2) bars, room service, banqueting, and a delicatessen shop. I was also responsible for staff recruitment, training development, and implementation, menu planning and food & beverage promotions.
    01/1974 - 10/1975
    Duties involved responsibility for the financial statistics of the Food & Beverage Department. Duties included production of reports, statistics, and feasibility studies of any Food & Beverage projector concept development.
    01/1971 - 10/1975
    Worked in Food & Beverage Departments at the following Hilton Hotels Paris, Stratford Upon Avon, Amsterdam, Paris
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    Marketing Trends and PrinciplesKepner-TregoeYear 1984University of Incentive TravelBusiness DevelopmentYear 1981Holiday Inn UniversityCommunication Course Year 1979Holiday Inn UniversityKepner-Tregoe Seminar; Summer CourseYear 1973Hotel & Motel Association Summer Course; Year 1955 - Year 1962Primary School

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