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  • Biography
    I am a Special Education Teacher at a Residential Treatment Facility in Yonkers, NY. I love my job - working with children keeps me young. I recently completed my 2nd Masters in School Administration and plan to attend an Ed.D. program in the next...
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  • Professional Experience
    09/2010 - Present
    I provide academic and behavioral support to classrooms grades 5 - 9. In addition to developing curriculum and programming, I train staff members in TCI, smart board and lesson planning.
    10/1997 - 09/2005
    • Provided individual and group counseling with primary focus on self-esteem enhancement, anger management and peer mediation
    • Demonstrated sensitivity to cultural diversity of students and faculty
    • Responsible for operating an effective morning program
    • Prepared activities for children, and incident reports when applicable
    • Shared joint teaching responsibilities, independently taught summer school
    • Team leader if boy’s cottage, designated substitute teacher
    • Supervised school paraprofessions in the morning program.
    I lecture to high school students about the importance of education, and emotional management.
    • Provided an educational enriched environment for students with disabilities
    • Responsible for all related paperwork: IEP’s, incident reports, educational reports, daily progress notes and a token economy.
    • Integrating technology into curriculum to develop educational games
    • Facilitated individual and group development creating positive learning opportunities, assisted children with special services.
    • Established t “E-House” program, which became the team-building model for the school.
    • Arranged assemblies for the student body with community members and political figures.
    • Conducted professional development in the areas of TCI, Sanctuary and Behavioral Management
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  • Educational Background
    2006 - 2008

    Extra-activity: Phi Delta Kappa Honor Society, graduated with honors (4.0)

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