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    Ana Diaz-Hernandez
    Ana Diaz-Hernandez
    Sales at Dropbox
    San Francisco Bay
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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    07/2012 - Present
    Getting more users excited about Dropbox for Teams!
    11/2011 - 07/2012
    Product Marketing at early stage software company as employee #7. Spool was acquired by Facebook in July 2012.Led in crafting the company's brand and communications by envisioning, executing and testing our marketing strategy.Coordinated the communication of user feedback/behavior and product requests to collaborate in crafting the strategic direction of the product development. Performed quality assurance testing and managed implementation of solutions with the engineering team.Managed the customer service platform, resolving up to 600 email inquiries per week. Managed the social media presence and recruiting.
    07/2010 - 07/2011
    Interdisciplinary fieldwork on the financial sustainability and environmental impact of an USAID-funded anaerobic digester sanitation system in the rural island community of Bastimentos, Panama. Collaborated with Civil Engineering PhD student, Sebastien Tilmans, in creation of research questions, survey design, logistics and execution for this field research on two separate research trips totaling 3 months of field-based research.Surveyed 80+ households and community leaders on perceptions of sanitation, and conducted a contingent valuation for a waste-water treatment system. Manuscript is in progress.
    10/2010 - 06/2011
    Increasing the Stanford senior giving rate for the class of 2011 to raise money for need-based financial aid and abroad programs.Broke a fundraising record; exponentially exceeded student participation rate and total donated dollars.
    04/2010 - 12/2010
    Aided IPER Doctoral student Valentina Zuin in the data management for her survey and spatial data regarding water pricing in Maputo, Mozambique after a governmental policy legalizing domestic resale of water.Trained a team of 4 research assistants in proper protocol for managing and analyzing spatial data.
    06/2010 - 08/2010
    PPIA is a fellowship program that provides preparatory coursework and financial support for public policy graduate school and facilitates ongoing professional development.It is a consortium of the top public and international affairs graduate programs in the nation. During this 10 week program, I took part in intensive graduate level coursework in International Policy Analysis, Economics, Statistics, and Intercultural Dimensions of Policy.
    01/2009 - 08/2009
    -Planned logistics and supervised 3 weeks of survey fieldwork of 3 enumerator teams for countrywide study of water use in 47 rural communities-Created the protocol for the spatial surveying that was executed by enumerators-Provided on-site data management and quality control for 1900 household surveys and community leader interviews. Managed the data quality and daily execution for the spatial mapping of the 47 surveyed communities-Participated in the data analysis and synthesis of the spatial (GIS) and qualitative dataResearch culminated in an article and a World Bank report:Hall, R. P., Vance, V., Van Houweling, E., and Davis, J. (to be submitted) The impact of the productive use of piped water on system sustainability and livelihoods in rural Senegal. World Development.
    03/2008 - 03/2009
    -Managed and allocated $400,000 to 600+ student groups-Represented and advocated on behalf of 7,000+ undergraduates: sustainability, funding practices, LGBT intolerance, Communties of color/Women's rights, and Sexual and Mental Health reform.
    06/2008 - 07/2008
    Evaluated effects of participation and customer satisfaction in microcredit organization. Target informants were mostly indigenous entrepreneurial women in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Designed and implemented, in collaboration with a Stanford team, a qualitative study with microfinance customers as well as the nonprofit's staff, culminating in first promotional materials for organization.
    01/2008 - 06/2008
    Research Assistant in Latino Voter Participation Project. Also compiled information on voting patterns and university ranking protocols.
    05/2005 - 09/2007
    Analyzed past water extraction data by crop to model Georgia agricultural water use for 2050
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  • Educational Background
    2010 - 2010

    Intensive graduate level coursework in International Policy Analysis, Economics, Statistics, and Intercultural Dimensions of Policy.

    Extra-activity: Princeton Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Fellow, Junior Summer Institute 2010

    2009 - 2009

    Extra-activity: Carried out coursework in both Spanish and Catalan languages on Environmental Epidemiology, Catalunya and the Spanish Civil War, Environmental Sociology, Conflict Analysis, and Portuguese Language.


    Extra-activity: Associated Students of Stanford University Undergraduate Senate, Students for a Sustainable Stanford Outreach, Stanford Labor Action Coalition, The Stanford Daily Editorial Board, Board Fellow at Cleantech Open

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