• General Summary
    Andrea Kaplan; PHR
    Andrea Kaplan; PHR
    Human Resources Generalist at Cambric Corporation
    Greater Salt Lake City
    LocationGreater Salt Lake City
  • Contact Information
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  • Professional Experience
    03/2010 - Present
    Onboarding and exitingBenefits administrationPayroll and HRIS managementISO audit team memberOffice facilities managementManagement of front desk reception staffAdministrative policies and document management
    12/2008 - 03/2010
    • Establish, update, and maintain employment related departmental records, files, and HRIS database.• General knowledge of employment laws and practices. • Develop and prepare communications to employees about benefit programs, procedures and any other government mandated disclosures.• Responsible for educating all new employees regarding benefits and election options. • Assist in the planning and implementation of the annual open enrollment process, including responding to employee questions and researching and resolving problems.• Maintain compliance with federal leave regulations; monitor and track leaves of absence; obtain required documentation; prepare and distribute FMLA letters.
    09/2000 - 11/2003
    •Developed and coordinated all staff training (supervisory training, wellness program, team-building retreats and safety training) •Conducted benefits and policies orientation classes for new employees •Maintained, updated and created performance improvement training programs •Served as human resources consultant for handling personnel issues•Developed relationships within the community by finding professionals to present educational seminars to employees
    02/1999 - 02/2000
    •Processed payroll for 65+ employees and answered all payroll and benefit inquiries•Administrator of insurance and 401k programs, including enrollment, problem solving and termination•Responsible for firm’s compliance with all labor laws (COBRA, FMLA, ADA) within the company and its various divisions •Maintained employed productivity data for use in scheduling and budgets used by senior management•Redesigned and updated a hardbound employee manual to a manual that is accessible on-line, thereby providing cost savings to the company
    03/1998 - 12/1998
    •Processed payroll and timekeeping processes for 320 employees •Point of contact for all payroll and timekeeping inquiries•Conducted benefits and policies orientation classes for new associates•Coordinated Human Resources Benefits Fairs with a focus on Marriott’s stock purchase plan, profit sharing and health benefits•Handled garnishments, tuition reimbursement and worker’s compensation claims
    09/1997 - 02/1998
    •Coordinated participation in regional job fairs, educational courses and placement of newspaper advertisements for recruitment•Participated in the hiring process by writing departmental job descriptions and negotiated rates and contract details with employment agencies•Reviewed candidates resumes, routed them to appropriate hiring managers, and arranged for company response to the candidate•Worked within a Human Resources team to design new standards for Employee Performance Evaluations and created all training materials for implementation among company management
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  • Educational Background
    1993 - 1995
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