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    Andri Daulay
    Andri Daulay
    Licenced NLP Trainer
    Also known asandri_daulay
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    I'm always move ahead every time!.. with or without you!...lol
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    11/2012 - Present
    BusinessFirst is an organization focusing on leadership development and soft competencies. With systematic and internationally approved methodology aims to provide training and development programs suitable and applicable with unique needs of each client. With detailed specific measurement, we believe it will create sustainable effectiveness for each organization.
    11/2012 - Present
    Who is Mind Gym?One of the biggest challenges for us all is how to make the most of our lives.One of the biggest challenges for companies is how to make the most of their people.At Mind Gym, we see these challenges as opposite sides of the same coin because when you help individuals flourish, the companies they work in will flourish too.Using ground-breaking psychology, we boost the performance of millions of individuals, in hundreds of companies, across the globe.We can do this because, though each person is unique, one colleague’s challenges are much like another’s. Whether they work in a bank, a telecommunications giant or a toy factory.Our psychologists have developed hundreds of tools that equip people to achieve more, by thinking differently.These are usually bite-size, say 90 minutes, and run over weeks or months, so individuals go on a voyage of personal discovery trying out their new found skills along the way.This builds CAPABILITY, which is one part of what gets people performing.BELIEF is also critical. Belief that you’re in the right job, in a company that’s going in the right direction, with leaders who are committed to get us there.And then there’s ATTITUDE: can do, in control, half full. We choose how we think far more than we realize, which is why it pays to wake our minds up.ATTITUDE, plus BELIEF, plus CAPABILITY, delivers HUMAN PERFORMANCE.Which is how smart businesses achieve more, with less.Is your company powered by Mind Gym?Our missionTo help people use their minds more effectively so that they get more out of life and give more to others.Our core valuesClients are delighted.The integrity of our service is beyond question.Every interaction is stimulating.
    11/2012 - Present
    NLP Leaders Indonesia is a Training Provider in the area of NLP, Soft and Management Skill. we specialized in tailoring programs for our client's people development needs. some of our signature program such as Licensed NLP Practitioner, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner (all under approval of The Society of NLP USA and DR. Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP), Effective Communication Skills, Coaching for Success Skills, Understanding Human Behavioral Models, Interaction With Others (team building), Negotiation Skills, Selling Your Ideas, Train The Trainer, and other soft skills trainings. All using NLP approach and delivered in active class environment. For more info please contact us at 0818749969 or adaulay@gmail.com.
    06/2010 - Present
    1.Managing Training and Development activities at all banking functional level. Ranging from Operation & IT, Sales & Distribution, Corporate Banking, TCF and Other Supporting Division.2.Manage and Execute Professional Certification for functions in Rabobank aligning with BI regulation and Global Banking Standards.3.Design, Develop and Deliver Leadership Training for Leaders in Band 4 and 5 in Rabobank.4.Design, Develop and Deliver Rabo Retail Marketing Academy Program for Sales Trainee to become future sales leaders.5.Design, Develop and Deliver Rabo High Flyer Program for general Management Trainee.6.Manage and Execute Talent Development Program for High Potential Employees.7.Manage and Execute Performance Management Development in Rabobank. Form Campaign to System maintain and Development.8.Manage Employee Engagement Programs throughout the company.9.Manage Training Facilities in Tanah Abang and Abdul Muis Offices.10.Develop Training Modules for Special Training Topics according to needs.11.Manage Training budget as BI regulation.
    10/2009 - 06/2010
    1.Managing Training and Development activities at entire organization through CBHR System.2.Supervise all Vocational, Technical and Soft Skills Training activities in First Media.3.Develop, Coach and Direct Supervise 10 Internal Facilitator / Trainer / Infield Coach4.Facilitate in a Training Session or/and Coaching Session regularly.5.Develop Training Modules for Special Training Topics according to needs.6.Managing company’s Key Driver Initiatives in enhancing Company Productivity such as : “EMPLOP” (Employee referral program) and “SALES EXCELLENCE CENTER” (an integrated sales competency and culture development throughout organization)
    01/2006 - 10/2009
    Managing In-house Programs with Clients i.e:PT. Bank Mandiri Tbk, PT. Badak LNG, PT. Cipta Krida Bahari, PT. Recapital Life, PT. Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia, PT. Palyja, PT. Bank DBS Indonesia, PT. Bursa Efek Indonesia, Tbk., PT. Mandiri Investasi, PT. Infomedia Nusantara, PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia,Delivering Public Programs:Certified Assessment Center Analyst, JakartaCertified Recruitment Analyst, JakartaCertified Compensation & Benefit Analyst, JakartaCertified Balanced Scorecard Professional, Jakarta and BandungCertified Performance & Competence Developer, JakartaTempo Manager Community Tempo Sales Community Supervisory Skill, JakartaCoaching for Performance, JakartaManaging People with MBTI, JakartaProblem Solving & Decision Making, JakartaCrisis Communication & Management, BaliPartial Clients list on Public ProgramsBank Mandiri Tbk.; Bank Permata Tbk.; Bank Chinatrust; Trimegah Securities; Indonesia Power; Excelcomindo Pratama; Frieslandfoods; Bank Arta Graha Tbk.; Semen Gresik Tbk.; PTPN XIII; Lippo Bank; Tempo Inti Media; AXA Mandiri; Daya Dimensi Indonesia; Stigma Foundation; KSEI; Pt. Pelindo II; Bank Syariah Mandiri; SMART Tbk.; OXFAM; RNI Group; Save The Children; Panasonic; Santos; RS Duren Sawit; Solvay Pharma; BP; Angkasa Pura I; Lautan Luas Tbk.; UCB Pharma; CNOOC; Panarub; Kymco Motor; Bank Danamon;Manulife Financial; Amec berca; Batamindo Investment; Bio Farma; Humanika International; Tiga Raksa Satria Tbk.; Bank BCA Tbk; Mitra Solusi Insani; PT Indomobil Suzuki International; Abbott Indonesia; PFP Aust Pty Ltd; Surveyor Indonesia; Wahana Amerta; Recapital Life; Panin Bank; Chevron Pasific Indonesia; Hexindo; Sinarmas Forestry; United Tractors; Semen Gresik; Bank BRI Tbk; Departemen Perdagangan; Indocement Tunggal Tbk; IIF; Bank BTPN; Takeda Indonesia; Pertamina; Pertamina EP; Bank Indonesia; Sucofindo; Coca Cola & many more
    10/2004 - 10/2006
    Managing & Delivering In-house Programs for Clients i.e:PT. Excelcomindo Pratama; PT. Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia;PT. Indonesia Comnet Plus (ICON+) a subsidiary of PLN; PT. Palyja; PT. Unindo Areva; PT. Asuransi Takaful; Schering AG; Medco Energy; ESQ Leadership Center; PT. Otsuka Indonesia; PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.; PT. Maersk Line Indonesia; PT. Bank DBS Indonesia; Indonesian HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Program (IHPCP); PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri
    01/2004 - 01/2006
    Training Provider and HR Consultant Company
    01/2002 - 10/2004
    Key Result Area1.Supervise all regional / provincial Leaders’ training in daily basis.2.Conduct training for Leaders.3.Develop training material for Leaders both Standard Module and Special Module.4.Produce monthly development report for each Manager.5.Responsible for all aspect of Leaders Development Programs, including seminars and workshops.6.Develop training material for Regional project (Allianz Leader Development Program) to be implemented in 2004.Special Assignment1.Assist the Allianz Website Development Team.2.Involved in Allianz Bancassurance Development Team.3.Assist in the Development, Socialization and communication of the “Allianz New Compensation” for Agency System that Applied by 1 April 20044.Run the Agency Director / Sales Director Workshop
    05/1998 - 05/2003
    Key Result Area1.Responsible for all Agency Contest and motivational development event.2.Responsible for all administration job in Branch Offices all over Indonesia.3.Supervise Branch Administrator, Computer Operator and Office Assistant in daily basis.4.Responsible for all agency forces database.5.Produce daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly report as needed by management.6.Responsible for all budgets related control for each office.7.Responsible in all payments related to branch office operation.8.Produce analyzes report expense vs. productivity per branch manager.9.Coordinating all information flow from HO to branch and vice versa.10.Maintain inventory of printing / stationery and distribution to sales offices / branches as required.11.Responsible in preparing / maintaining new / existing sales offices premises, branch household and branch equipment management as needed.12.Matrix with SSD Manager in preparing budget and arranging / controlling Branch Expense
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  • Educational Background
    1992 - 1997

    Lead Vocalist, Economics BandStudent Activities

    Extra-activity: Chairman, Himpunan Mahasiswa Manejemen UNAND 1995-1997Member, ISMEI

    1989 - 1992

    Establish and Promote "Sanggar Seni Smansa (Smansa Art Studios), actively involve in student activities such as OSIS, Pramuka, PHBI, School Band, etc.

    Extra-activity: Pramuka, Paskhas, PHBI, OSIS, Sanggar Seni Smansa

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