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    Aniruddha Pal, PhD
    Aniruddha Pal, PhD
    Mechanical Engineer at Applied Materials
    San Francisco Bay
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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  • Professional Experience
    08/2005 - Present
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Research and development of semiconductor processing equipment, design of process chamber hardware and experimentation, CFD simulations of wafer-processing steps (thermal, stress, radiation, electro-chemistry).- Designed key chamber hardware for process time reduction - Led engineering design for cost reduction of chamber hardware - Designed optical modules for increasing operating efficiency- Designed key chamber hardware for cross-platform transition- Played key role in meeting customer commitments--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    08/2001 - 07/2005
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Collaborated with industrial sponsors in the design, fabrication and successful implementation of a liquid cooling system (thermosyphon) for a commercial desktop PC--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Designed and constructed a laboratory prototype of a thermosyphon and studied the optimum operating parameters for high heat flux liquid cooling at sub-atmospheric pressures --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Experimentally demonstrated very high heat flux (>100 W/cm2) liquid cooling with laboratory thermosyphon prototype, while keeping surface temperature below 85oC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Developed a unique model for simulating condensation in rectangular microchannels--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    08/2000 - 07/2001
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Designed a solution for sub-ambient cooling of server utilizing thermoelectric cooling and insulation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Designed a cabinet and developed enhanced cooling solutions using forced convection and heat pipes for maximizing heat dissipation for a solder-less DCA package --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    08/1998 - 07/2000
    AFOSR/DARPA Consortium for Crystal Growth Research=================================================Implemented porous media model in simulating the heat transfer and fluid flow in hydrothermal crystal growth process--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Identified optimum envelopes for key process parameters in hydrothermal crystal growth--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Validated numerical simulation against past experimental results in a comparative study--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • Educational Background
    2001 - 2007

    Ph.D. Dissertation: Experimental and Numerical Study of Dual-Chamber Thermosyphon

    2000 - 2001

    PhD Candidate (transferred to Georgia Tech)

    1998 - 2000

    M.S. Thesis: Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Hydrothermal Crystal Growth Systems

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