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    Anoop Singh Sengar
    Anoop Singh Sengar
    Associate Director at Dion Global Solutions Ltd.(Formerly Known as Religare Technova Ltd.)
    Mumbai, India
    LocationMumbai, India
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    04/2013 - Present
    Global Alliance and Engagement Head, Responsible for expanding strategic relationship between DION and MAHINDRA SATYAM (Minority Stakeholder in DION), executing joint go to market programs and joint go-to-market solutions (FATCA Compliance & GRC ) that address customer needs & challenges to create unique and differentiated opportunities, closing strategic deals, identifying and executing cross-sell / up-sell revenue opportunities to grow the partnership within the joint customers..
    03/2011 - Present
    Responsible for Business expansion across the MEARC Region for Capital Market, Insurance and GRC Solutions .
    03/2011 - Present
    Responsible for Business expansion across the MEA & ASEAN Region for Capital Market(Trading, Settlement & Wealth Management),Analytics and GRC Solutions(Ops Risk & FATCA) . Building and managing Strategic Alliances & Partner Ecosystem .
    03/2011 - Present
    Responsible for Business expansion across the MEA & SA Region for Capital Market, Insurance and GRC Solutions .
    09/2010 - 03/2011
    Responsible For FS Vertical Sales & Strategic Account Management of Financial Services Customers(Global Clients).
    09/2008 - 09/2010
     Handling 3i-Infotech’s foray into LATIN AMERICAN Market. Managing alliances, identifying new market trends, developing and executing the Market strategy For South America Region. Currently driving the initiatives in Factoring,Lending, Anti money Laundering Treasury, Insurance ,Risk and Wealth Management practices.
    01/2002 - 08/2008
     Profit Centre Head for For BFS Vertical & and leading a team of 50+personnel (sales, presales ,Product Development and support). Accelerated the Zenith’s solutions transformation from a Banking software solutions vendor into a leading provider of Total solution Provider (TSP).
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