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    Antony Lynam
    Antony Lynam
    Conservationist at Wildlife Conservation Society - Asia Programs
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    Antony Lynam joined the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a New York-based international conservation agency, in 1996. He has 20 years of experience running wildlife conservation projects in Asia. Based in Bangkok, Thailand he serves as...
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2012 - Present
    Coordinates the collection of field patrol data on patrol efforts and elephant mortality from 13 MIKE implementation sites across 8 countries. Conducts training in law enforcement monitoring techniques, and helps to implement systems of patrol data management (MIST/SMART).
    07/2004 - Present
    Advises and helps raise funds for endangered species conservation and protected area management projects in China, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia. Designs and implements conservation staff training and evaluation programmes. Assists the training of government staff in law enforcement monitoring techniques under the CITES MIKE programme in 8 countries in Southeast Asia. Wrote and taught wildlife training curricular for the Mongolian State Border Defense Agency. Conducted the first MIST training for tiger inspectors in the Russian Far East. Conducted wildlife protection training in Tibet, Xinjiang and NE China. Wrote and implemented a wildlife field enforcement training programme for Cambodian Forestry Administration (FA) patrol staff and recruited military police trainers to help teach the course. Advises the FA on law enforcement implementation in the Seima Protection Forest. Trained Indonesian Rhino Protection Units in southern Sumatra in law enforcement monitoring methods and forest protection strategies. Wrote and taught a law enforcement monitoring training of trainer's course to ranger trainers of Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Conducted law enforcement workshops in South Sudan with park managers and rangers. Helped implement the first multiagency wildlife enforcement trainings in southern Peninsular Malaysia (Johor), northern Myanmar (Hukaung Valley) and southern Myanmar (Taninthayi Nature Reserve). Conducted reviews of wildlife and forestry enforcement implementation in Lao protected areas.
    Recruited a team of dynamic young conservationists and conservation scientists to conduct research, wildlife survey and exploration in protected areas lacking in information and attention. Developed a wildlife conservation training program for protected area staff. Advised Thai undergraduate and graduate students in ecology and conservation science.
    Coordinated tiger surveys and developed and implemented tiger conservation action plans in Malaysia and Myanmar. Advised tiger conservation programs in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Indonesia.
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