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    Ary Zulfikar
    Ary Zulfikar
    CEO at PT Mahakam Bara Utama
    Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
    LocationGreater Jakarta, Indonesia
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    08/2011 - Present
    PT Mahakam Bara Utama was established in 2008. It has a mining concession of 194 ha in Bukit Pinang & Sempaja, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
    01/2011 - Present
    PT Swara Avicenna was established in Jakarta and having a legal right of Project Pop Fiesta, Karaoke, Lounge and Resto ("PPF") the first outlet of PPF was open in Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP), Bandung. We have a plan to open a number of PPF's Outlet in big cities in Indonesia. We also offer to any strategic investor to cooperate and or having an alliance for the development of PPF.
    08/2009 - Present
    PT Karya Katingan Resources Group consist of 3 (three) operating companies viz. PT Karya Katingan Plantations, PT Karya Katingan Mining and PT Karya Katingan Services.The area businesses of Companies are plantation, mining and Construction Services which located in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
    01/2007 - Present
    Lecturing on a negotiation technique and Legal Drafting of business transactions
    05/2004 - Present
    AZP Legal Consultants has contributed many transactions, in private sector, state owned enterprises and Government Institutions. Its contributions enhance our people having more experiences and expertise in legal practices, either national and international transactions.AZP Legal Consultants specializes in acquisition, mining, banking, investment and sharia transactions. It also provides a legal advisory in setting up a business in Indonesia and advises a risk analysis pertaining to client's interest with regard to the business activities in best practices.
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