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    Ashok Joshi
    Ashok Joshi
    3G NPO Consultant
    Āgra Et Région, Inde
    LocationĀgra et région, Inde
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    06/2011 - Present
    Working as 3G NPO Consultant for Planning and Optimization of Airtel 3G Network in NSN East Africa.
    11/2010 - 05/2011
    Responsible for 3G Planning activities for the UP-West circle in coordination with vendor teams.Conducting Scanning test and analysis of the TEMS Drive Test Log Files through Actix and giving recommendations for fine tuning of the WCDMA RU20 Radio Access Network.WCDMA RU20 KPI Analysis (Statistics) using Business Object Reports.NSN WCDMA RU20 (HSDPA/HSUPA) RAN Functionalities and Parameters Tuning.Parameters Tuning for an optimal 2G to 3G and 3G to 2G IRAT Handover based on requirements. Planning of 2G (GSM/EDGE) Network for improving the coverage and minimizing the blocking in the existing sites.Constantly Improving 3G (WCDMA RU20) KPIs such as RRC Connection success Rate for both PS and CS, RAB Establishment Success Rate for speech, CS64, PS, HSDPA and HSUPA, RAB Drop Rate for all of the above mentioned RABs, and Paging Success Rate.Recommending 2G and 3G Parameter changes to improve KPIs.Drive test log files analysis and giving recommendations to improve the RAN Performance.Conducting IDEA UP-West WCDMA/HSDPA Rollout for by reviewing RAN Design, analyzing Drive Test Log Files, recommending Antenna down tilts and Neighbor relation changes to control Pilot Pollution, Soft Handover analysis, IRAT HO Performance analysis. Neighbors list audits, and Power Parameters Tuning.Performed theoretical studies, Link Budget Calculations and Coverage Predictions, Traffic and Capacity calculations, Dimensioning, Choice of Radio Equipment, Nominal Cell Plan, Coverage Approval, Site Nomination, Candidate Evaluation and Site Selection, and conducted the final Engineering surveys to finalize the RAN design.3G Data fill xml creations for RNC, HOPG, HOPS, FMCS, FMCG, WCELL objects through Plan editor 4.6-7-1 and implementation using CM Manager.Previously associated with:-
    04/2009 - 10/2010
    3G Data fill xml creations for RNC, HOPG, HOPS, FMCS, FMCG, WCELL objects through Plan editor 4.6-7-1 and implementation using CM Manager.Worked with SDC Noida on 3G Networks planning of Telcel America & Comcel Columbia which involves performance analysis of current network and simulating it on 5x and 10x traffic.Worked with SDC Noida for 2G planning of SMC Philippines project.Working on RNT 3G -Dim and Net act planning tool for traffic calculation, running Monte Carlo simulation, coverage probability and throughput analysis.Working with SDC Noida Team for 3G Network optimization of Claro Argentina project using Actix tool which includes events checking for RRC & RAB Connection setup failure, Sector Swap analysis and finding KPI degradation reasons based on Drive Test Log Files. Periodic as well as request based audit of BSS (BTS, BSC, HOC, POC, ADCE) Parameter Audit & standardization across Networks using NetAct Plan Editor.Automatic Frequency Plan through Schema based on Circle request, Neighbor optimization.New feature / Product implementation for KPI improvement, Standardization of features/ Products across Networks.Optimization Support for KPI improvement based on request from Circles, Support to Worst Performing Circles to overcome penalty.Contingency support to Circles on critical Situation and Pre Launch Support to circles.Planning of 2G and 3G network using NetAct Planner 6.0.Performance & quality management, maintaining KPI's, analyzing network doctor & RNO reports, monitoring quality alarms, BSS parameter fine tuning, AMR optimization IBS optimization, resolving network issues such as interference, call drops, coverage holes, congestion, paging overload etc. Optimization, Planning and Parameter Tuning of network for KPI Improvement, Manual Neighbor Planning & Frequency planning (ARFCN, BCCH) HSN, MAIO etc.
    07/2007 - 03/2009
    Ensuring contiguity of coverage acceptable voice quality, permissible secondary traffic, lower call drops, lower RF failures and higher set-up success rates through audits of individual cell sites, tuning neighbor list, suggesting changes in antenna types, tilts, heights and orientations.Managing Site Audits, PN Planning, Preparation of Neighbor List for Handover definitions, Boundary definition and Preparation of Drive test routes for keeping track of all the up gradation activities for the new sites.Observing daily and Busy Hour KPI report and doing necessary changes as required for the KPI improvement.Maintain Network performance by keeping RF parameters (Call Drop ratio, Call Success ratio, Handoff success ratio, Busy Hour load, etc.) under thresholds.RF survey of the New Towns and SAF delivery accordingly. Collecting periodic Drive test Data with Agilent E6474A tool and processing it using post processing tool Actix to monitor the System Health.Providing IBS solution by Pico Repeater whenever required in Agra Cluster for Customer Complaint Resolution.Drive Test of the existing sites and RF Optimization accordingly for ensuring the good Coverage & finding Call drop problem with Agilent 6474E 7.0 Tool. Network planning and Optimization using MapInfo Professional 8.5 tool.Analysis and Post Processing of Drive Test Data for calculation of RF KPIs like Call Drop rate, setup success rate and coverage parameters.Performing Cell Spillage Drive Test & Audit for resolving Border Roaming areas sites according to TRAI Guidelines.Planning and Optimization of USO Towns sites for proper coverage in the SDCA boundariesPerforming RF Parameters and Neighbor List tuning and daily monitoring of alarms in OMCR as per requirements.Providing solutions for RF discrepancies such as poor indoor coverage and improvement of different plots: like RSSI, Ec/Io, and Pilot Pollution etc.
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