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    Bjorn Pinas
    Bjorn Pinas
    Sales Director Bookings Division at AT Productions
    The Hague , Netherlands
    LocationThe Hague , Netherlands
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    01/2013 - Present
    The Bookings Division of AT Productions handles the sales of the performances of more than 100 artists with four labels (AT Bookings, AT Theater, Het Boekingsburo.nl and Extended Music).
    05/2010 - Present
    The RAC Halls were built at the beginning of the 20th century and were originally used for the storage of government vehicles. The municipal council of The Hague bought the site in 2000, with the intention of redeveloping it into a new venue in The Hague for creative, corporate and cultural events.The building in the The Hague was originally known as the Rijks Automobiel Centrale and was built for the storage and repair of government vehicles; is it now an authentic location for industrial events and since it was re-opened in 2010 it has been known as the RAC Halls.The location forms part of the development of a new and trend-setting residential and commercial area in The Hague, one with a decidedly industrial look which is at once massive and challenging. The RAC halls can easily accommodate both cultural and commercial events, and they can also form the backdrop for the branding of new urban brands.The RAC Halls consist of three industrial spaces with a total floor area of 5,500 m2, making them suitable for conferences, large and small scale events, symposiums, trade fairs, conventions and dinners for anything from 20 to 5.400 persons.
    04/2005 - Present
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