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  • Professional Experience
    07/2011 - Present
    Assisting with PM and EMR Training and Go Live at Molina Clinic. Responsible for setting up the LIS (lab Interface system) with Ignis.Assist with workflow documentationModify Clinical Content forms as neededDeveloped HEDIS Measure Protocols in CPSFamiliarity with Centricity Analytics
    03/2010 - 05/2011
    GE CentricityFull Time Position•1 person department from 3/10-1/11 (2-person department from 1/11-5/11).•Solo Responsibilities – Successful EMR implementation to 11 Internal Medicine practices (17 providers & staff) out of 17 multi-specialty physician practices. I provided training, go live support, and maintenance of GE Centricity 9.0.•Worked closely with Medical Director on EMR Training and Go Live Support, workflows, and application for Meaningful Use and Medical Home.•Clinical Analyst responsibilities – Built and customized Centricity Clinical Content form templates using Text File Editors and Visual Form Editor, built and maintained Specialty Problem and Medication Custom Lists, built Inquiries and Reports in GE, built Crystal Reports based on practice needs, developed custom order sets, maintained service providers, lab test mapping for both LabCorp and Quest, updated ePrescribing Pharmacies, familiar with HL7 interface with LinkLogic •Developed a favorable working relationship with the following Vendors – GE, Ignis, LabCorp, Quest, Dragon, MidMark
    11/2009 - 11/2009
    Provided Eclipsys 5.0 support to Physicians and Nursing Staff on Knowledge Based Charting (Provider H&P's, Discharge Plans, Nursing Worklist, Provider Contact Note, Vital Signs, Intake and Output, Care Plans, and Assessments and Interventions). Currently pursuing Eclipsys 5.0 Certification.
    04/2009 - 09/2009
    Assisted with developing curriculum for Cerner implementation and training. Created Level 1 Assessment questions for eClinicalWorks Phase 1 Training. Developed Expert User plan.
    10/2008 - 12/2008
    Provide support to Physician Leads and Physician Liaisons during Order Set and Document Template Configuration and Design in preparation for Go Live in April.
    04/2008 - 05/2008
    Support Physicians and RN's on Epic Go Live Activation on CPOE, ClinDoc, and EMar.
    07/2007 - 04/2008
    •Providing CPOE training to Physicians and staff on Eclipsys SXA – 200+ physicians (all specialties) and 500+ staff•Providing floor support during Go Live Activations on a 24/7 schedule basis•Train and support Emergency Room Staff on ED Manager and ED Status Board•Coordinate Trainer calendar for staff and physician training sessions for ED•Test, train and analyze physician order sets with doctors and staff•Report physician order set issues, suggestions, etc. to analysts•Worked with analysts to create enhancements using configuration tools•Created Physician Training script based on each specialty’s workflow
    05/2007 - 05/2007
    Provided NOC shift Floor support during Mott Children’s Hospital Go Live Activation
    01/2007 - 04/2007
    •Trained and supported 250+ physicians and 500 staff during Go Live activation of Eclipsys SXA – CPOE, EMar and Clin Doc•Worked with analysts to create enhancements using configuration tools
    05/2006 - 07/2006
    Trained Physicians, Nurses and Support Staff on E7000 EMR Application.
    01/2006 - 05/2006
    •Trained Physicians, Nurses and Support Staff on Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager 4.5 – CPOE, Emar, & Clin Doc
    01/2005 - 06/2005
    •Travel once a month to home office to deliver training to clients on End User and Admin features of SalesLogix 6.2•Develop custom curriculum for specific clients•Deliver End User training via Webex•Travel to client’s site to deliver End User training (25%)•Deliver training on client customized SalesLogix software•Assist sales department with marketing new courses•Developed and delivered in house training on Microsoft Office products
    02/2004 - 08/2004
    Provided career instruction on Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, and phlebotomy skills.
    11/2002 - 03/2003
    Trained Physicians and Nurses on custom developed EMR application. Provided floor support during Go Live activation.
    01/2002 - 01/2003
    Provided MS Office and Crystal Reports Intro training to various clients
    07/2000 - 05/2002
    •Delivered formal classroom training on all levels of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, the Internet and Crystal Reports Introduction to Hospital Executives, Physicians and Nursing staff•Provided desktop, phone and email support to users•Troubleshooted software and document related issues•Assisted Help Desk with software questions•Utilized Remedy (Help Desk Ticket Tracking system) to document computer problems•Created new training manuals based on new rollouts and upgrades of software; updated existing manuals with new tips and tricks for users•Developed and administered classroom curriculums for new students
    01/1999 - 06/2000
    •Provided 2 days of formal New Employee Computer Orientation•Trained Senior Partners, Special Counsel and Legal Secretaries on Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, the Internet as well as and Docs Open, Lotus CC:Mail, *Time - Time and Billing software•Provided ongoing support to new employees by phone and email•Traveled to multiple office locations (Harrisburg, Princeton, Berwyn, Wilmington, and Baltimore) to provide training•Assisted Help Desk with software questions relating to document conversions (WordPerfect to Word and vice versa), and the use of Styles•Created new training manuals based on new rollouts and upgrades of software and updated existing manuals with new tips and tricks for users•Developed and administered curriculum for *Time – New Windows based time & billing program
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  • Educational Background
    1988 - 1992
    1991 - 1991

    Graduated with Honors in Medical Assisting

    N/A - 1988
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    McKesson Corporation
    Trying New Food and Restaurants
    ASPCA Rock n' Roll LA Benefit 2
    Los Angeles Fashion Week
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