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    Britta Michalove, GMS
    Britta Michalove, GMS
    Consultant at International Professional Relations
    Seattle Et Périphérie, États-Unis
    LocationSeattle et périphérie, États-Unis
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    10/2008 - Present
    Managed team responsible for creating a key messages and brand strategy for the non-profit organization CARES that serves low income people in the Puget Sound area.Recognized as Taproot Consultant of the month – March 2009
    02/2001 - 02/2006
    Responsible for daily operations, finances, service development, process improvement, revenue generation, client/customer relationships and more.Successfully project managed the relocations of a diverse set of clients representing multinational companies to Denmark.
    01/1995 - 01/2000
    Member of 3 person program management team jointly responsible for the messaging and collaboration program including ongoing development, implementation, and deployment of messaging and collaboration products and services to approx. 22,000 users. This included:Co-developed and key driver of a strategy for the implementation of a Microsoft Outlook on Exchange service at Hewlett Packard for the Americas Geographic Organization. Result: 22,000+ users were successfully migrated from OpenMail™ (Unix based) to Outlook.Successfully managed cross-organizational team for the planning and development of an OpenMail™ to Outlook migration tool.Developed positioning statements for different products and target audiences e.g. mail products at Hewlett Packard.Created and implemented marketing communication plans to reach different target groups within Hewlett Packard.Responsible for internal office technology strategies (fax and Windows NT and Windows 95 support training) and their delivery to end users. This included:End to end product management responsibility for Microsoft NetMeeting and different fax products.Set a fax strategy for Hewlett Packard (the US field office organization). Result: Successful rollout of standalone fax client, halt to further implementation of LAN fax client, obsolescence of Unix based fax client.Developed a Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95 training strategy for the training of multi tier support staff for the rollout of Windows NT and Windows 95 within Hewlett Packard (the US field office organization). Result: Support staff across the US got trained.Presented targeted business updates to different levels of management at Hewlett Packard including proactive notification of key business issues and their recommended resolution. Result: Management was well informed and satisfied.
    01/1992 - 01/1994
    Created training and implementation strategy for legal software package to legal departments of the Coca-Cola Company worldwide.Implemented and trained legal departments worldwide through collaboration with corporate legal department and local IT and legal departments.
    01/1989 - 01/1992
    Developed internal PC application training (i.a. databases, spreadsheets, word processing) and conducted training at both corporate and remote sites. Provided support and consulting services re same applications.
    01/1987 - 01/1989
    Translated contracts, reports, letters, etc. from Danish into English and German, managed worldwide trademark portfolio, set up yearly assembly of shareholders and more.Planned and implemented a database for the administration of trademarks on own initiative. Database became a showcase of how to use technology to solve business issues.
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