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  • Biography
    Resourceful finance and operations executive with significant accomplishments in the nonprofit environment, as well as with dynamic for-profit organizations:

    • Strategic planning and assessment.
    • Financial management...
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2001 - 01/2008
    Financial management, planning and administrative processes for AARP’s largest organizational group (700 staff positions; 53 remote offices; $160M expense budget). .

    Previously at AARP, served as Business Operations Director for Technology Group (Office of the CIO). Responsible for financial management, administrative and HR processes for Office of the CIO, technology procurement efforts, contract management processes and contract negotiations. Worked with consulting organizations to implement IT best practices. Supervised staff in Washington, DC and Lakewood, CA.
    01/1997 - 01/2001
    CEO Resources, LLC. (1997 - 2001)
    Provided management consulting services to SEC companies and other organizations, including AARP. Developed complex financial projections, cash management systems and economic assessments. Completed analysis and ROI evaluation of major capital investment initiatives and financing options. Implemented significant process improvements. Developed cash flow and financial projections to assess corporate acquisitions. Conducted seminars for CEOs of small growth companies.
    LSA financial management, member relations, IT strategy and applications, HR policies/procedures, employee benefits, administrative/legal matters, preferred vendor relationships, business development.

    LSA is one of the largest health and human service alliances in the United States, with 300 member organizations that spend $10 billion annually to help people in thousands of communities, of all denominations. LSA member organizations cover areas such as aging services, community change, developmental disabilities, volunteerism and others.
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