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    Casey McCarthy
    Casey McCarthy
    UN Communication & Advocacy Officer at United Nations Office of the Resident Coordinator
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    11/2010 - Present
    In this role I'm responsible for the development and implementation of the UN Communications and Advocacy Strategy and annual work plan in consultation with the UN Country Team; coordination and leadership of the UN Communications Group; promoting public and media outreach activities; strategic internal and external communication and advocacy (including delivery of advocacy skills training for UN staff); media response and risk management; emergency communication (coordination of UN positioning and writing Situation Reports); and promotion and positioning of the UN in Cambodia in support of an advancing UN reform agenda and increased UN cohesion.
    11/2009 - 11/2010
    As part of the volunteer group working on the national refugee campaign in Queensland, I attended industry and community events to raise awareness of refugee and migrant needs, met with Senators to encourage them to push the refugee issue in Parliament, and planned and implemented information workshops with a range of stakeholders, including at schools.
    10/2009 - 11/2010
    In this role I managed Departmental media liaison with media advisors for the Minister for Child Safety and Sport, and the Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs. This involved responding to urgent media enquiries, often of a sensitive nature and national interest, planning ministerial events and opportunities, writing and editing media releases, speeches and ministerial statements and preparing media alerts.
    01/2010 - 01/2010
    As Queensland Coordinator I helped to mobilise and facilitate training of youth activators to deliver presentations to school, university, church and other community groups to raise awareness of poverty and actions to take to make a difference.
    10/2008 - 10/2009
    During the 12 month contract I wrote and edited media releases, speeches, stories, fact sheets and publications; assisted to prepare Situational Reports on the status of emergency situations (Cyclone Aila); maintained the website; coordinated events and donor visits; provided strategic communication and media advice; managed consultants; provided communication training; and managed the production of the quarterly magazine (including restructure, redesign and increased distribution
    03/2007 - 10/2008
    I joined the Department of Child Safety in March 2007 as a Communications Officer, on a three month contract. I then moved within the team to Senior Media Officer for a further three months, before the Senior Communications Officer role came up (permanent). This quick progression from AO5 contractor to AO6 permanent and the support of my supervisor allowed me to take 12 months leave (to work with UNICEF in Bangladesh) and return to the Department (now Communities). My main duties included: Writing media releases and speechesResponding to media enquiries Staff recruitment, management and training Providing strategic communication and media adviceEvent coordinationManaging the production of the monthly magazine Publication development Advertising.
    02/2004 - 01/2007
    ORB is a small market research company based in the UK conducting work in over 65 countries. The company sponsored my UK Work Permit. Clients that I worked with included the Ministry of Defence, the Conservative Party and the Bank of Scotland. My core tasks were:Writing media releasesWebsite development and maintenance (web content management system)Event coordinationClient liaisonAdministration.
    01/2001 - 12/2002
    During my final two years at university I increased my participation on the university newspaper, from contributing journalist and sub-editor to Chief of Staff (2001) and Deputy Editor (2002). In these roles I oversaw the work of student journalists, assisting with story ideas and gathering, story placement, layout and design and advertising. I wrote several editorials, supported a small investigative team and liaised with senior lecturers who managed the overall direction of the newspaper.
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