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  • Professional Experience
    01/2003 - 07/2005
    Report to Finance Director on Daily Basis
    Monitor Client Contract Service Level Agreement and structure consultant payments according to KPI delivery/achievement
    Responsible for Cash-Management of 7 Bank Accounts, including 2 x US$, 2 x UK£, 3 x Group Accounts
    Completed year end balances and prepared Audit-trail
    Responsible for Managing Purchase Ledger of 500 high value invoices
    Supervising and training purchase ledger employees
    Produce Sales weekly management reports to Director level
    Involvement in Job costing and Revenue Recognition
    Calculate SSP, SMP, SPP, NIC, IR deductions
    Payroll, P11D submission, Fuel Card and Expenses
    Management of Small/Medium Projects – Full financial control, with responsibility for project implementation including; site surveys and progress follow up meetings, definition of delivery process, scope/planning of projects from start to finish, resourcing and co-ordination, procurement, documentation and project sign off.
    In addition to the forgoing providing technical support to Project Managers’ as a Technical Services Project Workstream for comms orders, LAN requirements, etc.
    Effective delivery of multiple Small Projects (often up to 40 in parallel, typically 20 plus) including a number of longer term, medium sized more complex projects. All within a highly condensed, often critical limited time scale.
    Specific key larger projects that I have worked on/project managed are MPLS rollout of 110 TDG sites & Desktop Refresh
    Formulate Resource, Budget and Time Plans for all Small/Medium Projects
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