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    Cathrine Steenstrup
    Cathrine Steenstrup
    Vice President - Comerica Capital Advisors
    Dallas/Fort Worth
    LocationDallas/Fort Worth
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  • Biography
    * Vice President with more than ten years of experience in international corporate- and merchant banking, including a five-year expatriate assignment to Mexico.
    * Business leadership in cross-functional teamwork, new strategies, collaboration...
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  • Professional Experience
    09/2007 - Present
    In charge of Comerica Capital Advisors, Inc. and Comerica Ventures, Inc. two legally separate entities.Management of 80 private equity and venture capital funds, and 700 warrant positions. Achievements included redefining risk and market capital models, forging strong relations with regulatory agencies, circumventing potential unlimited liability and introducing robust alternative monetization solutions to recover millions of dollars in proceeds. Concentrating on portfolio management, private equity/buyout and venture capital initiatives, investment underwriting, monetizations and divestitures, legal liability evaluations and mitigation strategies, portfolio risk management, regulatory environment monitoring, governance, policy and procedures, stakeholder relationships, and loan group consulting.Modified the risk rating model to provide early detection of declines in portfolio health. The initiative contributed to the group receiving a successful third party validation in accordance with Federal Reserve guidelines. Developed a risk presentation for the company's Board of Directors.Mentored team on best practices in negotiating successfully with CEOs, CFOs, and attorneys with respect to warrant monetizations, overcoming obstacles by recommending alternate courses of action. Provided leadership training and challenges to foster team growth and create an environment underscored by continuous improvements.
    06/1994 - 09/2007
    * A 13-year career trajectory with a $58 BN asset-sized bank oriented towards manufacturing, including an expatriate assignment in Mexico City from 1996 to 2001.

    * Structuring, negotiation, and execution of credit transactions. Ongoing monitoring during and after the implementation of projects.

    * Spearheading multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams focusing on Asian and European customers under a North American platform.

    * Project leadership in connection with the opening of a Mexican bank, including interaction with regulatory agencies and external consultants.

    * Due diligence, analysis, and evaluation of project viability from a financial standpoint.

    * Development of strategies. Interaction with embassies, trade offices, industry associations and economic sector analysis agencies.

    * Mentoring / development of colleagues.

    * Languages: Fluent - English, Spanish, Danish. Functional command in business settings - German, Portuguese, Swedish.
    * Manager of stand-alone merchant banking subsidiary of Comerica Incorporated; in charge of 130 funds and 800 warrant positions.

    * Due diligence of existing and new funds, and recommendations pertaining to warrant positions under changing scenarios, including IPO’s, acquisitions, share issuances, splits, etc.

    * Liaison to the technology & life science, environmental, energy and business lending groups.
  • Educational Background
    1991 - 1993

    Extra-activity: Internship w. Siemens Central Control & Logistics Division, Munich - Germany.

    1984 - 1988

    Extra-activity: Cognate studies in economic history, sociology, anthropology, and political science, with a focus on Latin American studies.

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