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    Chandan Seernani
    Chandan Seernani
    Telecommunications Consultant, Serial Enterprenuer, Investor, and Public Speaker
    Atlanta Et Périphérie, États-Unis
    LocationAtlanta et périphérie, États-Unis
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    02/2009 - Present
    Setup the Wireless Technology PMO by defining the Demand Management Processes, SDLC processes, Gate Reviews, Creating QA/Testing Repositories, Creating Knowledgebase Database, and Deployment Processes.Program Manage the deployment of Cox’s Commercial Wi-Fi program which includes deployment of the Wi-Fi Infrastructure along with deployment of Hospitality, Metro Wi-Fi, Picocell (Mobile Carrier offload) and the MSO Federation (Wi-Fi Roaming). Program Manage the successful launch of Cox's Wireless business. Execute a 2-prong “go to market” strategy. Create and manage a Technology PMO and the consolidated Program Plan to include IT, Network Engineering, RAN Deployment, OSS/BSS Deployment, and End to End Testing. The Program team consists of 15 Senior Project Managers, Business Analysts, Development Partners and SMEs. Key functions include creating & managing Program Budget, Program Plan, Processes, Governance, Issue & Risk Management, Interface with business entities including marketing, regulatory, legal, and operations.
    06/2001 - Present
    Provide consulting services to global wireless clients ranging from strategic consulting to solution development and implementation. All the engagements performed during this time period, starting with consulting at T-Mobile in June 2001 to current engagement, are listed under each company along with respective timeframes.
    04/2008 - 03/2009
    Program Manage the MNC (Multi National Client) program consisting of projects for multiple global clients of Verizon. Key functions include - work with Marketing/client to develop business cases, detailed project planning, develop requirements, define web-interfaces, develop cost estimates, tracking, monitoring and executive reporting to the CIO. Provide interface between the technology and business organizations. Manage geographically dispersed team consisting of external consultants and Verizon employees is based in various parts of the US and India.
    12/2006 - 03/2008
    Program Manage the change in funding paradigm from an entitlement based funding to Project Based Funding. Introduce the concept of change via People, Processes, and Technology. Manage a global team of over 20 senior client employees and their direct reports. Report to a Global Steering committee consisting of SVPs.
    08/2005 - 11/2006
    Manage the Program Governance team (PMO) consisting of external vendors, client employees and off-shore teams for development and implementation of their wireless billing system. Key responsibilities include: o Define and implement processes and procedures throughout the SDLC, including Design, Development, Testing, QA, Defect Management, Client Launch and 24X7 customer support. o Manage the interface between various client projects and development teams to establish and execute priorities, resource planning, and conflict management in a political environment. o Develop and implement strategy and processes to compliment the in-house IT teams with off-shore resources. Manage software launch activities at multiple client sites.
    01/2005 - 07/2005
    Manage corporate restructuring for the technology team. Key activities include:o Define organization for top-3 layers, starting with the CTO.o Define spans and layers for the Technology Organization.o Define the charter, organization, goals and Metrics for the Office of the CTO.o Define and implement “cost saving” strategy.o Program Manage 8 teams
    08/2003 - 12/2004
    A major provider of telecom billing applications and outsourced solutions, including contact management (call center) services with over 75,000 agents in 45 centers around the globe:o Build and manage a team of 78 professionals to perform solution delivery for new clients and new call-centers, utilizing various technologies, and support over 20,000 agents in 30 centers. o Provide leadership to develop a strategy to compliment off shoring.o Define and implement technology strategies for NA based clients.
    02/2002 - 07/2003
    Launch a startup telecom service provider in India. Program Manage the overall selection and deployment of the Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems, including network interfaces to their CDMA network. Develop and implement “cradle to grave” business processes for their “customer”. Introduce the concept of People, Processes and Technology to execute each step in the business process.
    06/2001 - 01/2002
    Manage the development and implementation of product and technology strategy resulting in the most successful Wi-Fi business model in the industry.
    06/1998 - 05/2001
    hotpalm.com develops, markets and implements software solutions for vertical industries, such as banking, financial services, auctions etc, utilizing the Wireless Internet technologies. Key accomplishments include:• Raised multiple rounds of venture capital in the US and Europe.• Provide vision and leadership to take hotpalm from concept to revenue generation in less than 2 years.• Developed and implemented solutions for Fortune-500 clients.• Acquired and integrated a technology company in Malaysia offering leading edge wireless Internet technology in the areas of multi-language and multi currency. • Signed several revenue generating customers; distributors in Europe and Asia; and global strategic partnerships with industry leaders.• Recruited and mentored the global management team and Board of Directors and Advisors.
    01/1994 - 01/1998
    Technology leader responsible for managing multiple client engagements simultaneously and managing the overall client relationship. • Created and implemented strategy consisting of People, Processes and Technology for 2 prominent M&As in the industry – Contel & GTE and Bell Atlantic Mobile (BAMS) & NYNEX Mobile (now Verizon). • Develop strategy and “cradle to grave” business processes for “customers” for a major telecom client. Negotiate a multi-million dollar contract with vendors and consultants of the client for implementing an integrated technology solution. Manage technology teams based in UK, India & Middle-East.• Manage the team for a multi-billion dollar telecom client to implement technology outsourcing and systems integration.
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