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    Chris Ann Maxwell
    Chris Ann Maxwell
    Consulting Attorney at Paramount Pictures
    Greater Los Angeles
    LocationGreater Los Angeles
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    I am a Business and Legal Affairs executive with expertise in motion picture, television and digital development, production, financing and distribution. I have structured and negotiated all forms of rights and services agreements for both...
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  • Professional Experience
    10/2015 - Present
    I originally joined the theatrical legal affairs group at Paramount Pictures in October, 2015 to replace an attorney on leave. In May of 2015, I temporarily joined Hansen, Jacobson, et al., replacing on of their attorneys on leave. When that assignment ended, I was asked to return to Paramount in October 2015 to help fill in gaps at a senior level in the theatrical legal affairs department. At Paramount, I draft and negotiate agreements of all types for motion picture development, production and acquisition, both live-action and animated and assist and advise junior attorneys with their assignments.
    08/2014 - Present
    Teaching a Seminar on Motion Picture Production and Finance, with an emphasis on practical aspects of negotiating and drafting contracts for the motion picture industry.
    06/2015 - 09/2015
    Temporary Attorney filling in for an attorney on leave in a busy, prestigious talent firm, advising writer, producer, director, actor and comedian clients in the areas of film, television, digital and other new media, brand influencer, employment agreements and other matters. In this position, I worked not only with studios, production companies and other content providers, but with agents, managers and directly with clients.
    11/2014 - 05/2015
    Temporary Production Counsel at Paramount Pictures filling in for an attorney on leave. My duties include drafting and negotiating agreements of all types for motion picture development, production and acquisition, both live-action and animated.
    12/1997 - 04/2014
    Hired as VP Legal Affairs; promoted to SVP in 1999. After working in the main​ (Twentieth Century Fox/Fox 2000) division of the feature production group, in 2004 I was given concurrent responsibility at Fox Searchlight, the specialty film​ division. From 2011-13, I held an an additional concurrent position with Fox International Pictures, and in 2013, I was given additional responsibility for Legal and Business Affairs in Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, where I was responsible for business and legal affairs related to productions intended for digital release, utilizing a television business model.

    In all cases, I was responsible for my projects from start to finish: structuring, negotiating and drafting agreements relating to development, production, acquisition, financing and distribution, both live-action and animated, across various platforms. At Searchlight, I concentrated on co-financing and acquisition agreements, including "slate" film agreements, while in Fox International, I structured international production and financing agreements, and supervised and acted as liaison between FIP, local producers and counsel in the production of low-budget, local-language films in such countries as Japan, China, Russia, Germany and Brazil, in addition to negotiating and drafting agreements for English-language productions outside of the United States.

    I worked closely with and advised senior management in the Creative Affairs, Physical Production and Post-production, Marketing, Finance, IP, Content Protection, Compliance, Labor Relations and Litigation groups, and supervised internal groups such as Clearances, Credits and Music on all pictures for which I was responsible, as well as outside counsel (including outside production counsel, litigation, trademark and I.P. counsel). I also supervised junior attorneys in the department and handled work assignments and administrative responsibilities for the department head when he was out of the office.
    01/1995 - 12/1996
    At Troop, Meisinger, I represented a broad variety of film and television production companies, performing business affairs and production counsel duties for such clients as Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Home Entertainment, IWERKS, Miramax/Dimension Films and Showtime Networks, and supervised junior associates learning to do television and motion picture production and finance work. While representing Showtime, I was an integral part of the team that structured a Canadian Co-financing arrangement, involving both CAVCO and SODEC for the Scott Free-produced Showtime series, "The Hunger," as well as other Showtime projects.
    07/1994 - 10/1995
    Structured and negotiated deals for animated and family-oriented motion pictures
    01/1987 - 12/1994
    Hired as Vice President, Legal Affairs, I was responsible for legal matters relating to development and production for both theatrical feature and television production, and theatrical distribution. In 1989, I was promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Affairs, in which capacity I structured and negotiated co-production and co-financing arrangements, as well as negotiating and documenting development and production agreements for a broad range of theatrical motion picture projects, including "Rain Man,"​ "The Birdcage" and many others.
    01/1984 - 12/1985
    As an associate in the Entertainment Group, I worked with institutional clients such as Brooksfilms, as well as independent television producer clients.
    01/1980 - 12/1984
    Responsibilities included structuring and negotiating deals for development, production and acquisition of theatrical motion pictures, including literary properties, writers, producers, directors and actors and preparation of deal memoranda to be sent to legal department. Advised senior management in connection with various business matters relating to motion picture development, production and marketing. Initially hired as Senior Counsel in 1980, promoted to Director of Business Affairs in 1981.
    01/1979 - 12/1980
    Responsible for drafting and negotiating agreements for all phases of theatrical motion picture development and production.
    01/1977 - 12/1979
    Responsible for structuring and negotiating rights, talent and network deals for television series and movies-of-the-week.
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  • Educational Background
    1972 - 1975

    I currently serve on the California Western Council of Visitors, which acts as an informal advisory committee to the school's Board of Trustees.

    Extra-activity: Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; First Year Representative - Student Bar Association; Representative-at-Large - Student Bar Association; Dean's Award

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