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    Chuck Weiser, CPA
    Chuck Weiser, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer at Richard S. Bernstein & Company
    West Palm Beach, Florida
    LocationWest Palm Beach, Florida
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    01/2010 - Present
    The company is an insurance advisor to high net worth business leaders, families and charitable organizations. Services include life, disability and health insurance, estate planning, life settlements and annunities.Oversees operations, accounting, tax, planning, internal controls, human resources and cash and risk management functions. Manages personal affairs for the family including real estate and brokerage portfolios.
    09/2009 - 12/2009
    09/2009 - 12/2009
    Consulting Services: Raised $1.5 million in equity through a private placement for for an electric motor manufacturer. Assisted in preparing Form S-1 Registration Statement. The motors are used in cars, scooters, light trucks and buses; has several patents and strategic relationships in China and India. Assisted with an acqusistion for a large multi-faceted logistics company. Performed due diligence, negotiated the purchase price and terms and negotiated bank fiancing.
    02/2009 - 09/2009
    Retained by Receiver to assist with winding-down company and advise and consult on private equity portfolio owned by receivership. Effective February 17, 2009, Receiver was appointed by courts to take control over all Stanford companies due to allegations of fraud at Stanford International Bank, Ltd. based in Antigua, West Indies.
    09/2005 - 09/2009
    Stanford Group Company, a U.S. broker-dealer, regulated by FINRA and SEC and audited by BDO Siedman, managed and operated separately from the Stanford International Bank, Ltd. Oversaw all accounting, tax, budgetary planning, internal controls, regulatory and treasury functions for North American region with $305 million in revenues, more that 1,000 employees, and several subsidiaries. Partnered with North American President to formulate regional growth and expansion strategy. Served as the Financial Operations Principal (FINOP) reporting to FINRA and SEC.
    09/2005 - 09/2009
    Key member of Management team that advised and consulted on $600 million private equity portfolio comprised of over 30 companies and funds. Added value to portfolio by sourcing, negotiating, analyzing, performing due diligence, structuring, and managing private equity and debt investments. Actively monitored companies with objective of improving performance and developing appropriate exit strategies. Board member of portfolio company; chaired Audit committee and sat on Compensation committee.
    01/1995 - 01/2005
    Principal at Houston's largest local accounting firm that became the 15th largest accounting firm in the country. Directed client accounts for private businesses and high net-worth individuals in areas including: tax planning and compliance, accounting, budgetary controls, profit enhancement, and general consulting. Performed due diligence on acquisitions for clients. Responsible for business development and marketing efforts.
    01/1983 - 01/1995
    Twelve years of commercial banking in numerous capacities. Started with First City Bank that was acquired by Texas Commerce Bank that later merged with Chase Bank et.al.
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