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    Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson
    Director of Talent Acquisition at Health Care Navigator
    Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
    LocationTampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
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    12/2011 - Present
    Health Care Navigator, LLC is a progressive and exciting company providing consulting services and business support to approximately 80 skilled nursing facilities and Rehab/Therapy centers in 9 different states.
    08/2009 - 12/2011
    Horizon Bay Retirement Living is widely recognized as a progressive and innovative leader in the senior living industry. Since our inception in 2001, we have experienced rapid growth and today manage a portfolio of 94 communities in 19 states with a team of over 7,000 employees.Listed as one of the industry’s largest companies, we have combined exemplary services with a dynamic team of experienced professionals to create an ideal balance between quality care and excellent asset performance.Directly responsible for leading the Talent Acquisition function for corporate and field recruiting efforts. Full life cycle recruiting, social media/networking strategies, process development/improvement, recruitment compliance and strategic sourcing initiatives.ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Implementation of the iCIMS Talent Management Platform (ATS & On-Boarding).• Reduced “average time to fill” by 62% from 110 days down to 42 days.• Maintained an average cost per hire of under $775 by minimizing the reliance of agency sourcing, and by redirecting advertising dollars to maximize e-sourcing and social media.• Introduced the use of Social Media tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) into the organization to aid in recruitment efforts.
    01/2004 - 01/2009
    An employee-owned national construction services firm with 27 offices throughout the country including Hawaii and Guam. Primary focus in commercial construction, industrial, and government work.Directly responsible for a national recruitment function which included full life-cycle recruiting, developing sourcing strategies, process flows, applicant tracking system(s), building relationships/collaborating w/leadership, compliance initiatives, and college recruiting.ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Responsible for the “start-up” of the recruitment function.• Successfully lead the implementation of 2 Applicant Tracking Systems (First Advantage & OpenHire).• Reduced “total sourcing expense” by over 80% during the previous four years ($1,200,000 down to 182,000).• Reduced “average time to fill” by over 40% during the previous four years.• Reduced “cost per hire” by over 75% during the previous four years ($21,000 down to $3,400).
    01/2002 - 01/2004
    Was a publicly traded $10 billion national construction services firm until it was acquired by Balfour Beatty.Directly responsible for developing a national recruitment function specifically targeted to recruiting health care construction professionals. Lead the efforts of implementing an applicant tracking system and creating a recruiting function/process from scratch.ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Responsible for the “start-up” of the recruitment function from scratch.• Successfully lead the implementation efforts for the Applicant Tracking System (Webhire).• Increased “interview to hire” rate from 27% to 60% within first 120 days.• Reduced “cost per hire” by over 40% during a two year period.• Reduced the preferred “search firm” list from 35 to 4.• Developed a Recruiting and Interviewing Guide to be utilized by entire management team.
    01/1998 - 01/2002
    A publicly traded $63 billion national retailer with 1600+ stores.Directly responsible for store team leader & district team leader recruitment efforts on a national basis. Played a key role in creating recruiting strategies and developing the recruiting processes, systems, and measurement criteria for a successful high volume recruitment program.ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Key contributor to the centralization of the stores recruitment function.• Reduced “average cost per hire” to $2,900 in 2002.• Reduced “average time to fill” from 45+ days to less than 21 days.• Increased “interview-to-hire” rate from 20% to 80%.
    01/1996 - 01/1998
    Directly responsible for executive, mid-management, distribution and field management recruitment. Spearheaded the internet recruitment efforts throughout the corporation and developed recruitment strategies and procedures which resulted in a more efficient and cost effective process of identifying external talent. In conjunction with senior management, assisted in the succession planning process for field and mid-management employee’s.ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Reduced the recruitment budget 30% by implementing more cost effective sourcing strategies.• Improved management diversity 10% by targeting niche websites and associations for candidate sourcing.• Increased the “offer acceptance rate” 15% by being more creative with incentive and relocation packages.
    01/1990 - 01/1995
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