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    David Clark
    David Clark
    Principal Officer | XACT RESOURCES
    Greater Seattle
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    LocationGreater Seattle
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    A solid networking and connections specialist with more than 15 years experience in building partnerships by building value, expecting (respecting) real and meaningful dialog and bringing remarkable people and remarkable opportunities together. If...
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    08/2011 - Present
    ASAP Talent Services is a full-service SAP Talent Acquisition Firm representing many of the world’s leading companies. Our partners see a significant ROI by utilizing our services to shorten their Time-to-Fill and ensure they are hiring the absolute best possible resource by tapping into the non-active market.ASAP’s SAP Practice has fulfilled searches for over 60 major Fortune 1000 clients all over North America including the South, East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast for large international companies that may be starting a new SAP implementation, a SAP upgrade, or perhaps just backfilling a position in their SAP Production Support environment.With over 30,000 contacts in the SAP market and a reference checkable history of delivering when other recruiting partners have failed on difficult searches, ASAP is the clear choice when selecting a SAP talent acquisition partner. We’ve likely already recruited and placed every type of SAP skill set multiple times over. This allows us to leverage relationships and prior search activity to help our clients tap into the non-active market, make the absolute best hiring choice possible, and hire quicker.
    10/2008 - Present
    We work with client companies developing face-to-face relationships with individual hiring managers, team members and internal recruiters to gain candid insight with respect to team culture, expectations, environment, etc. so that we can better match candidates when hiring needs do arise.Likewise working with candidates, by personally taking an interest in what motivates, inspires and excites (not just education and work history on a resume), we match professionals with both challenging and rewarding futures.
    01/2008 - 09/2008
    Manage appropriate balance of cold call activity with ongoing account follow up and up-to-date dialog with recruiting team on open job reqs. Analyze open headcount and vendor resources and present alternative staffing strategies suited to client-specific needs. Receive and process inquiry calls from clients and prospects. Receive job orders and ascertain candidate’s essential job function requirements, education/experience level, salary range, etc. Negotiate terms with clients regarding payment terms, fee schedule, candidate performance, etc. Network continually to broaden presence in regional marketplace.
    07/2002 - 12/2007
    Recruitment and management of Account Executives. Develop key accounts in new markets. Maintain ongoing client relationships. Sell environmental technology systems to clients. Survey existing processes to identify areas of potential liability. Educate client staff regarding EPA/OSHA regulations, materials best practices and provide safety training for industrial accounts. Client database includes aerospace, defense, chemical, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing, and timber industries.
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