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    David Nazare
    David Nazare
    Business Development Manager at Xvision (UK)
    London, United Kingdom
    LocationLondon, United Kingdom
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    01/2011 - Present
    Xvision is one of the UK's leading brands we offer excellent performance, great value and uncompromised quality. All Xvision products are designed in the UK by our own R&D team and offer unrivalled performance and innovative features.At Xvision we continue to push the boundaries of electronic security by investing in the latest technology ensuring that all Xvision products are class leaders, in addition to this the highest quality components we ensure that our products will offer years of trouble free service, and back this is up by offering a worldwide warranty with all of our products.Xvision products are available though a network of approved dealers throughout the UK & Europe, and the following a record year in sales to countries outside Europe, we are increasing this network to include the Middle East and Afica, making Xvision one of the best known CCTV brands in the world. We look forward to supplying you with World Class Security Solutions and thank you for choosing Xvision.The Xvision Team.Xvision Group.
    04/2008 - 10/2009
    01/2005 - 01/2008
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